Enugu Govt. shuts three hospital

Enugu State Ministry of Health has shut down three hospitals operating without any form of registration with the ministry.

Sources within the Ministry and the Hospitals revealed that the operators of the hospitals have fake medical certificates as medical practitioners.

The affected hospitals include; Our Testimony Hospital Ibagwa Aka, Igbo South LGA, managed by one Mr Ibuchukwu Asogwa, a self-styled Homeopath who is not licensed to practice Homeopathic remedies in Nigeria.

He is also not registered with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria but dabbled into Orthodox Medicine practice without qualification and poses a danger to the unsuspecting public.

Wellcare New Merit Hospital Limited, Coal Camp, Enugu run by one Olabisi Philip Olukolade and his wife Chinonso Philips was next to be shut down.

Olabisi Philips was said to have been parading a forged medical degree certificate, a forged certificate of additional registration and a forged certificate as a fellow of the West Africa College of Surgeon (Obstetrics and Gynacologist).

All the certificates have been declared not authentic by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and West African College of Surgeons. The culprit is currently on the run and the hospital sealed

The third illegal hospital, Chimamanda Hospital, is located at Umuadogwa Umuida Enugu Ezike, Igbo eze North LGA.

It was closed down for operating illegally without any form of registration with the State Ministry of Health.

In his reaction to the ministry’s action, the Enugu state chapter of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) said it sincerely appreciated the prompt intervention of the State Ministry of Health in closing down the Health Facilities.

The state chairman of the association, Dr Ikechukwu Okwesili who alongside the assistant secretary, Dr Sunday Okafor told reporters that “On the side the Nigerian Medical Association and its Ant-quackery Committee there is currently an indexing of all private health facilities in the state to avoid these unwholesome practices.

“It is our wish that the continued collaboration with the State Ministry of Health will continue in the interest of the general public while we call on the law enforcement agencies to double efforts in apprehending the perpetrators for prosecution for forgery and or criminal practices.

“It is sad that some individuals and groups have decided to peddle medical quackery in the state there by negating the efforts of the State Government in ensuring sustainable health care delivery as the Governor has accented to the State Health Sector Reform Law in a bold move last year.

“It is a known fact that at the Heart of Medical Practice is the Ethics of the profession which a criminal practice will undermine for profit. This is unacceptable because it is a major cause of the poor health Indices that is coming out of the Country.”

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