My husband insults me, woman tells court

A 55-year-old housewife, Hama Aliyu of Sabon Gayan village, Kaduna State, on Monday dragged her husband, Dahiru Musa, before a Sharia court l, Magajin Gari, for allegedly beating and insulting her publicly.

Aliyu also alleged that since her husband married his second wife, he has not fed or cared for her in ten years.

“I go to the forest to get firewood by myself. Sometimes I go with my children to look for food, Upon that, he insults and beat me sometimes.

”He calls me a prostitute. My mate also insults me. She has joined my husband in calling me names. She pours ashes into my cooked food whenever no one is watching.

”I am tired”, she said.

The defendant, Musa, 65, a resident of Tsohuwan Gayan Village, Kaduna State, denied the allegations, saying: “I do feed her and cater for her needs based on my financial strength.

“I can not tell this court the atrocities my wife commit. If I should say it, even you the judge will reprimand her”.

The Judge, Dahiru Lawal, ordered the parties to go home and settle their grievances.

The Judge also adjourned the case until May 13 for a ruling.

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