UK-based Nurse donates classrooms to Ogun primary school

A UK based nurse, identified as Ayoka Olabisi has donated a block of two classrooms to a primary school in Areta area of Alabata in Ogun state.

Olabisi, who is also a gospel singer handed over the building to the school authority on Friday.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Olabisi said she built the block to collaborate the efforts of the government and to contribute to improving the standard of primary education in the state.

She opined that rural areas in Nigeria reek of poverty and that education is the only way out.

Her words, “Two things basically prompted this action, number one is that, all we have heard about Nigeria is poverty in the village and one thing that I know is that the only way to overcome poverty is through education.

“I experienced some level of poverty myself and the only way out of it is education and today I bless the lord for the education that I have because of my teachers at the time when I was really struggling.

“When I get to UK, I realized that academic intelligent is not the only thing that makes someone to prosper, I noticed that you need a good environment; you need to be psychologically alert and well, to be able to do well in school.

“When I visited this place and I saw the building, it was worst and I realized that there is no way these children are going to be able to do anything unless somebody arrives to help them, so they can achieve their purposes in life.”

Also, Olabisi lamented that the state of primary schools across the state is deplorable, urging citizens to support the government in building standard schools that would assist in empowering future leaders.

“I don’t see it as a fulfillment yet, I see it as a starting point, because there are so many of it that I have come across since this one started, so, we have, quite a long way to go.

“What I just need to say is that if people can come to help in shaping the future of these children, the future of the country will be great”. She stated.

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