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How Adeosun developed her town, Ayila in Ogun


BY: Igbagboyemi Oladele

The present Minister for Finance, Kemi Adeosun, has embarked on various developmental projects in Ayila, an agrarian town in Ogun Waterside, Ogun State.

PLATFORM TIMES gathered that,Adeosun began  the developmental projects few weeks after she became Minister .

Nigeria, from where comes from, began to feeling a genuine presence of the Buhari-led Federal Government such that had never been witnessed by its forebears.

Adeosun, fulfilling her promises made during the campaign towards the 2015 general elections, according to

A visit to the town showed that Ayila people have begun enjoying infrastructure facilities facilitated by the minister .

Felix Ayilotan – a Chieftain of Àyílà,said  Adeosun  constructed a block of five classrooms which was among the first phase of projects in the educational sector.

He said the gesture suggested   her special interest in the capacity building of sons and daughters of Àyílà.

He further said that Adeosun’s love for her source had actually prompted her to put a new face on Àyílà such that the road from Àyédé to Àyílà was being  working upon by RCC Construction company.

He added  that a multi-million naira borehole has been completed to put a stop to the years of water scarcity in the land.

Felix said it was Adeosun  that ended the long years of pains suffered when crossing the body of water between Àyílà and Òkébí.

" From time immemorial, travelling to Òkébí had  been by boat, but as soon as Adeosun became the Finance Minister, she promised and built a good bridge on the water. Now, everybody goes to Òkébí by vehicle or motorbike.

"From all of us here, I mean the entire people of Âyílà, we are proud of the Minister because we have begun to feel  relieved  from past years of difficulties resulted from lack of what I will refer to as social security.

" Roads in Àyílà are now motorable, we have stable source of water through the borehole she dug for us. There are additional classrooms facilitated by her. So, we believe she is doing well.

Felix, mentioned above, said in conclusion, “I want to emphasize that we are proud of our Kemi Adeosun our sister, mother, granny, as a good role model and diligent Ambassador”.

Alfread, another stakeholder in Àyíla, however, appeals to the Minister to assist more in giving employment opportunity to Ayila youths as the town has  produced  good numbers of graduates but unemployed.

He also urged the Honorable Minister to use her good office to get Ayila  out of fifteen years of darkness.

Alfred noted, “though, we are feeling her impact, but we need more. In the area of health, for example, the primary health care in Ayila does not have enough provision to care for the aged population.

“We want to assure her of our prayers as she makes us proud as a good ambassador – an AYILAN”.

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