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Political permutations not in favour of Nigerian Youths - Alani Bankole


Igbagboyemi Oladele

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Action Democratic Party (ADP),Chief Alani Bankole  has lamented  that the political permutations and structure in Nigeria are not in favour of Nigerian Youths despite the Not-Too-Young-Run act.

Bankole also said except Nigerian Youths brace up, and challenge the norm, the saying that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow will remain an illusion .

He made this statement  at the sideline of an event at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.

Bankole maintained that nobody will help salvage the faith of the youths of this country except they themselves.

He said " The permutations are not favourable to the youths. Unfortunately, except they fight their course, nobody will do it for them.

" They have to take advantage of their population to negotiate and take over the leadership of this country".

While reminding Nigerian youths that power is not served alacat, Bankole said  the not too young act notwithstanding, chances of youths taking over critical leadership positions is very slim, because "contesting elections in Nigeria is very capital intensive" .

He however assured that his party, Action Democratic Party (ADP) will not fail to provide the necessary platform for Nigerian youths.

"I am an adent believer in the youths and that is the reason I have been appealing to old generation politicians to provide an enabling environment for the youths to take over".

He continued, "I have been told that some youths that had an opportunity to lead, could not justify the confidence reposed in them, my response was that there are equally a reasonable number that surpassed the expectation of Nigerians. Let them make mistakes and learn from them.

The theme of this year's international day for youths is Safe Place for Youth.

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