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Peace Corps Commandant condemns killing of pupils in Ogun


The Commandant of Peace Corps of Nigeria, Ogun State Command, Patriot (Dr.) Olalekan Yusuff has expressed his sadness on the gruesome murder of two innocent pupils of Saint John's Anglican Primary school, Agodo, Ogun Waterside Local Government area of the state, noting that, if Peace Corps bill has been signed, such useless killing could have been prevented.

He lament how lives of innocent Nigerian child are exposed to different kind of threats due to lack of specialised agency in charge of protection and reorientation of the young ones.

In his words "I am sad. I feel very sad as a father and as a Nigerian because I know this is avoidable.

We have lost two lives, two innocent souls wasted due to lack of proactive measures by the leaders of their country.

I know, if Peace Corps bill had been passed and we are in full operation across all schools in Ogun State, such calamity would have been avoided. He stated.

The affected pupils, identified as Mubarak Kalesowo and Sunday Obituyi were playing with their peers during the lunch break at about half past eleven in the morning and were hacked down by a lunatic popularly known as Lekan Adebisi who came out of a nearby bush.

A source in the school hinted that the lunatic carried out the heinous act without any hindrance since their was no standby or specialised security in all government owned schools across the state.

Commenting on why Peace Corps has not been operating in some selected schools across the rural parts of Ogun State, the Commandant said they have written letters to the government to float Education marshalls in conjunction with the government but were told to hold on till the President assented to the bill.

He said "we are operating in every parts of Ogun State and all the local council development areas but we have limitations. So we approached the State government to at least partner us as NGO to float Education marshalls pending the federal government approval of the Peace Corps bill but instead of grabbing the opportunity, the government said we should hold on till the bill is passed".

The commandant added that he knows that Police is working on how to apprehend the killer madman but Police work is different from of Peace Corps and wants Peace Corps to be given a chance.

He also appealed to the President to rescind his decision on the bill, noting that the Corps, under the leadership of Dr. Dickson Akoh has equipped thousands of unemployed youths in Nigeria and they are ready to help in reducing some of the crimes and criminality in the land through strategic and peaceful techniques.

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