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Ogun has less than 1,400 nurses, one of the lowest in Nigeria - NAPON


... begs Amosun to employ as nurses are dying of stress

Oluwatobi Odeyinka

Various associations of nurses in Ogun state have lamented the shortage of manpower and infrastructural decay in the profession; also alleging that there are a total of 1,305 nurses across the state.

The figure, described as "grossly inadequate" was disclosed by the Chairman, National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives, Ogun State chapter, Comrade Mrs Solarin Roseline.

Mrs Solarin while speaking at the Annual Scientific Workshop & Sendoff of Retired Nurses highlighted some of the challenges faced by health practitioners especially in Ogun state.

The workshop/seminar was held at the Babcock University Teaching Hospital on Monday November 20 to celebrate the newly retired nurses in the state.

Mrs. Solarin, focusing on the theme - "Nurse Patient Safety in Recession: Perioperative Nurse Perspective" said nurses are not exempted from the economic recession plaguing the state and Nigeria by extension.

Her words, "many of our instruments and equipment are obsolete and insufficient; poverty is on the increase; and the recession is having negative effect on the people, including health care practitioners."

In their different interviews with Platform Times, Mrs. Solanke and the Chairman of National Association of Perioperative Nurses(NAPON) Ogun state chapter, Mrs. G.O. Amos disclosed that poor working condition and lack of personnel has made nurses work under stress and duress in the state.

Mrs. Amos said, "we are chronically short-staffed. About 84 Nurses retired from the hospital management board, but they are not replaced"

Mrs. Solanke on her part said, "many of our nurses are developing illnesses due to stress. Between January and now, we have lost more than 12 nurses as a result of jobs afflict illnesses.

She further disclosed that the last time the state employed workers in the health sector was in 2013 and that it is one of the five states that have the lowest number of nurses in Nigeria.

She broke down the statistics thus, " OOUTH has 241 nurses; the 20 local governments have 285 altogether; and the state ministry of health and hospital management board has 775 nurses "

However, NAPON and NANNM felicitated with the retired nurses for their hard work and diligence despite the overwhelming challenges they faced.

Mrs. Solanke expressed concern over their absence in the service saying "We are losing experienced, celebrated and hardworking nurses day by day. It would have been better if the government can employ more nurses, whom you could mentor, but today nursing is facing gross shortage of personnel in Ogun state.

"I use this medium to plead with the governor, on behalf of the people of Ogun state and the mission to rebuild in his agenda to please employ more nurses and increase funding of the health care service delivery for a better health care service to all citizens of the state."" She disclosed

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