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Apple to start iPhone assemblage in India


Apple will begin assembling iPhones in India’s tech hub of Bangalore over the next few months as the US company makes inroads into one of the world’s fastest growing mobile markets.

“Apple will put together its phones here.

“This should happen in the next three to four months,” Priyank Kharge, Karnataka state’s information technology minister, told dpa by phone on Friday.

Kharge met Apple executives in January and said his government welcomed their proposal to commence initial manufacturing in the state.

“Apple’s intentions to manufacture in Bangalore will foster cutting-edge technology ecosystem and supply chain development in the state, which is critical for India to compete globally,” he wrote on Twitter.

Apple’s spokesman declined to provide an official comment but pointed to government statements on the matter.

The agreement is not yet final, as permissions and taxes still to be sorted out with the federal government, broadcaster NDTV reported.

Apple will likely partner with Taiwan manufacturer Wistron for its Indian operations, according to the report.

Apple’s iPhone is currently manufactured in China and Taiwan.

Kharge told local media there were “no teething issues,” indicating Karnataka had taken up the requirement for incentives with the federal government.

Apple just has a two percent share of the smartphone market in India as its devices are considered expensive for a majority of consumers.

India’s smartphone market grew nearly 30 percent in 2015, with sales of 104 million units.

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