Before this Ogun is flooded


The past experiences have shown that Ogun state is proved to flooding especially during the April-may rainfall season.  The state's proneness of the gateway state might not be unconnected with the topography and the obedience to the master plan of the state.

As usual, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency has come up with its annual prediction on the possible flooding and outbreak of diseases as a result of above normal rainfall in the state.

According to the NIMET, Ogun alongside Sokoto, Zamfara, Niger, Kwara, Oyo and Adamawa would experience above normal rainfall in the year.

Obviously, the two   ministries that might be adversely affected are the Ministries of environment and Agriculture.

Remarkably, the handlers of the ministries have begun proactive measures against the preventable accidents.

The commissioners for Environment, Bolaji Oyeleye and Agriculture,  Adepeju Adebajo have raised the alarm and warned residents and farmers ahead of the 'above normal rainfall season.

The onus lies on the residents and farmers to take to the advice so as to enjoy the season.

On the part of the residents and farmers, the warning and advice by the government should be taken to.

According to the government, we expect our people to keep a clean and safe environment. Our people should shun blocking of either natural or constructed drainage channels and refraining from dumping waste into drainage channels and river or stream flow course.

Residents of the state should take large quantity of water at regular intervals to guide against heat exhaustion.

The government raised another alarm  that there may be general socio-economic implications,  adding that food production is expected to be less than normal due to shorter growing season length over large parts of the country.

Many sectors in the agriculture may be affected such as Fish, livestock, arable, tree crops and mechanisation.

According to the government, poultry sector will witness less water stress and outbreak of heat related diseases. However, , because of the high humidity due to abnormal high rainfall the length of time required for heating  will increase which will increase the cost of production.

The government however, needs to be more proactive than raising alarm on the possible outbreak of the disaster.

The government should do everything possible to avert the predicted disaster; prevention should be seen as a better option than remedy.

Rain is  a blessing. Anything that will make it to turn otherwise should be stopped by the government and the people.

The State Emergency Management Agency as well as the government must put an emergency relief measures in place in case of eventualities.

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