This Environmental Pollution must stop


Arguably,  Ogun state has the largest industries in Nigeria. This is a good development which has its attendant consequences.

Also,  Oyo state is fast becoming another industrial giant following the coming of foreign investors into the State.

However, both states  have a uniquely beautiful whether , thus, it would make sense to preserve it for future generations to enjoy as we do.

Experts have said that Pollution from the combustion of fossil fuels causes global warming and acid rain. Pollution causes unexpected and sometimes serious and devastating changes in our land, river and sea environments.

We have also heard that pollution  could  kill animals and plants and it probably kills us too. We know that pollution can cause health problems such as respiratory illnesses. Polluting our world should not even be an option, especially where there are alternatives as there are these days.

But, where we consider that we have no other choice other than to pollute, we should be investigating as best we can alternatives to the technology that pollutes.

Manufacturing companies in both  Ogun and Oyo  states should be  cautioned to adhere strictly to laws guiding their operations and refrain from polluting the environment.

The  Environmental Task Force in the  Ministry of Environment should make  inspection  tour of some industries,  mosques,  churches,  joint,  bar,  beer parlour and others  in the states regular

The inspection should  aimed at enlightening the manufacturing companies and other stakeholders including mosques and Churches as well as joint and beer parlour  on the need to reduce industrial and other forms of pollutions  which were  hazardous to the environment.

These stakeholders   must find proper ways of controlling industrial fumes in accordance with global best practices.

The governments of both Ogun and Oyo states should sanction anyone that  violated the environmental laws of the States  through improper waste management, lack of emission control, inadequate health facilities, lack of safety kits for their staff and other related environmental offences.

The government should ensure that landfill sites that are used for dumping ever increasing amounts of domestic rubbish new turned into a business through recycle.

A clean environment is needed in our states so as to avoid diseases and safe our money for other better things.

Everyone should take the issue of environment seriously for the sake of the present generation and the coming ones.

What is needed to be done by either the governmet or the governed should be done. Both the governments and the people should  plant  trees, ensure  proper management of industrial fumes and avoid noise and other forms of pollutions.

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2018-01-22 07:59