...says executive, legislature worst ever, no democracy in Ogun'

The Chairman of Labour Party (LP) in Ogun State, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi in this interview with SODIQ OJUROUNGBE, speaks on how Senator Ibikunle Amosun-led government has fared in the last six years as well Nigeria's democracy which clocks 18 years. Excerpt;

... Empowers 50 widows with funds, partners ICO, LG, PZ to empower customers

The Managing Director and the Chief Operative Officer of Capstone Microfinance Bank,Igbosere, Lagos state, Olori. Betty Oluwasina wife of Prince Adetunji Fadina Chairman Jethro Tours International spoke with OLADELE IGBAGBOYEMI and OLASUNKANMI AKINLOTAN on what Capstone Microfinance Bank has been able to achieve by partnering with companies to elevate widows and other people. She explained how the bank has been able to empower the less privileges. Excerpts;

The Chairman of Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority (OYRTMA) ,   Colonel Tayo Olumide Ishola,(rtd) spoke  about the activities of the agency and also some precautionary measures  the road users can take so that they won't be  victims of road  accidents .He spoke with SEGUN SHOWUNMI on other sundry  issues .Excerpts.

Under which ministry does this agency fall  into?

This agency is directly under the Office of the executive governor of Oyo State, Senator Isiaka  Abiola Ajimobi. Administratively, we relate with ministry of works and transport, I didn't say we are under the ministry of works and transport, operationally, we are agency established under the governor's office ,but ,administratively, we relate with the ministry of works and transport as i  have said earlier.

What are the responsibilities of this agency for the smooth flow of traffic in Oyo State particularly Ibadan? 

As long as there are roads, and as long as there are vehicles plying these  roads, there is the need for the people to manage the roads  so that reckless drivers will not take over the use of the roads and that was why this agency was established to bring sanity into the use of roads to save time spent on the roads when travelling and to prevent the misuse of the roads because roads are not meant for vehicles alone, there are people who ride machines, there pedestrians, even animals who cross the roads, so, there will be need for somebody or an agency to enforce the compliance of traffic regulations on  road users .

 Are your officers armed like other security agencies? 

  I want to educate you that our officers are not policemen, they are not mobile police neither they are soldiers nor civil defence, so, they can not carry arms as at the stage of their creation, may be in the future they might get to that level, so, we are not putting arms in the hands of our staff or officers to go and harras roads users, if that is what you mean, we expect them to be civil, in a civilized world ,you can not see a police carrying  arms, not to talk of a civil defence or road safety corps. That is why you don't see Federal Road Safety Corps carrying  arms, is not that they are careless, but, because it is not right for them to carry arms, but, if you have a situation where a particular person becomes  violent, we have the option of inviting the police, army, or civil defence to intervene, but on our own part,  we are not concerned  about the particular person, we are only concerned  about his or her vehicle .

What are the achievements of this agency in the first  quarter of this year? 

This agency is a service oriented agency, our service is intangible, I mean, it is something you can not measure, can you  imagine the time our officers save people travelling on the roads? you can't  imagine the time you get to your work on time at the right time? this shows the economic advantage of our presence on the roads and it saves accidents, it can not be quantified ,so, those are the measure of things we are doing, it is not something someone can count .

What is your take  on the penalties  and sensitization by your officers to the traffic law breakers? 

This is not a revenue generation agency, so, whatever fine we charge the offenders, is to serve as deterent to whoever the  offender is , and on sensitization, we go on radio, we go on television, even the print media and also online, telling people what and what not to do, so, we are doing enough of sensitization ,but ,its just unfortunate that our people are somehow adamant, and they don't care for their lives and the lives of other road users.

 Can you tell us some challenges facing this agency? 

Challenges are in two ways, there are internal  and  external challenges, on the internal challenges am not competent to speak to you on that, but, the external one are the people that use roads  in this state, is not limited to  NURTW alone, but, it is centered on knowledge of road users, for instance, when drivers go to Lagos, they don't misbehave ,but, when they come here, they misbehave, believing that "ita baba wa ni" (this is our fatherland), I have detected through one of my close associates  in NURTW that most people that break the traffic laws are not form Ibadan or Oyo State, but they are those coming from outside the state, because, they believe ,we, Ibadan people don't care and this is what translated to the internal people like okada riders, tri-cycle riders, micra and bus drivers to mention few  .

What is your advice for these people? 

My advice for the people is that they should be careful when they want to go on road, they should be careful when they want to cross the road, they should look at the kind of vehicle they want to enter to know if the vehicle is in a  good condition and also the kind of driver that wants  to drive the vehicle.  To Okada riders, don't ride okada on major roads so that you will not be a victim of an accident, also, don't carry more than one passenger, then for the micra driver, they' should be careful in the use of the roads, they should know that the fact that the vehicle is small , does not give them room to be causing accident on our roads and my serious advice for all of them is to make sure they have correct  particulars and also their driving licence  is up to date, this include all commuters on the roads because 70% of our road users do not have driving licence and some of them who have it  do not obtain it in a right way.

...says he is ready to fight for his people no matter what 

Hon Harrison Adeyemi ,a member of Ogun state House   of Assembly, representing Ogun waterside constituency ,again,  raised the alarm that following his recent press conference he held where he spoke on the reason he dumped the Ogun state governor,  Senator Ibikunle Amosun for a  Senatorial candidate during the 2015 elections,  Dapo Abiodun, due to Amosun's  alleged failure to adopt the  school he built for his people  and tar  the roads in his constituency,  the governor has mobilised some powerful people in the constituency to deal with him.

The Public Relations  Officer of Sango -Ojurin  Market, Ibadan , Oyo state , Mr Dauda Mosobalaje  in an exclusive interview  with SEGUN SHOWUNMI declared that  Sango market was a traditional market that gave birth to Bodija market in Ibadan. Mr Masobalaje , however, narrated how Sango market in Ibadan came into existence , enjoy the Excerpts .

....says Dapo Abiodun,  not Amosun is Ogun Messiah

Honourable Harrison Adeyemi is a member of Ogun State House of Assembly representing Ogun waterside recently spoke with selected Newsmen at his Office in Oke-Mosan assembly complex on his decision to dump Ogun State governor,  Senator Ibikunle Amosun for former Senatorial candidate in Ogun East,  Mr Dapo ABIODUN. Olasunkanmi Akinlotan was there for PLATFORM TIMES. Excerpts.

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