My husband killed our  son, wife tells court


...she talks to me anyhow-husband

Kafilat Taiwo

A young man Mr David Ogunkeye has been arraigned before a  customary court sitting in  Ake,Abeokuta,Ogun state,for allegedly  killing his first child.

The accused person who was dragged to court by his wife ,Mrs Shadia Ogunkeye  was said to have killed his son while trying to hit his wife  during one of the times he had battered the woman.

The claimant however requested for a divorce saying,   she could not continue in the marriage 

During a cross examination  Mrs Ogunkeye told the court that she has never enjoyed her marriage to her husband since 2015 adding that her husband had turned her into a punching bag.

According to her "I never enjoyed my husband right from time, because he has  always been beating me, anything I do , would not  make sense to him, instead of correcting me he beats me like his maid.

“I managed to get pregnant, after which I delivered a baby boy who we named Mathew, not long after we came back from the hospital, he  beat me to stupor as usual. It was due to this pressure that we lost the child since the beating has turned me into something else".

Mrs Ogunkeye added that she had reported her ordeals to her family members but all to no avail.

Responding to his wife’s allegations Mr Ogunkeye refuted his wife’s claims ,explaining that he wife is a rude one who talks to her anyhow.

He said,"My wife is rude to me,she acts as if she is the husband am his wife,she talks to me anyhow".

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