Jumia Food to support local producers

A food ordering platform, Jumia Food, is mto support local producers to grow the online food retail market.

Its Managing Director, Mr. Guy Futi, said in Lagos that the company was in talks with some players to push restaurants for growth.

He said food was crucial to the company’s business and that it was looking at ways to strengthen the e-commerce sector while safeguarding the interests of retailers in organised retail with increasing penetration of internet in the country.

He said the market for food delivery was huge and that Jumia Food was promoting sales through restaurants and fast-food chains.

According to him, the fast-paced trend of eating out  and experimenting with various cuisines has provided opportunities for  food service business, adding that Jumia Food is ready to deploy technology to play an enabler role  across various facets of the food service value chain, especially ordering and delivering at consumers’ doorsteps.

Futi said the company has improved its app for a better user experience, allowing customers to slide across menu categories with improved designs. There are over 246 restaurants on the app.

This year, he said the food segment of Jumai group grew by over 70 per cent and online sales mode constituted a major part of retail sales.

The online food-delivery platform, he added, is expanding choice and convenience, allowing customers to order from a wide array of restaurants with their mobile phone.

He said the company was looking to grow its network of food kitchens wirth the launch of an army of smaller brands.

Jumia Food is in 11 countries in Africa, including Morocco and Uganda, and has 2,000 restaurants partners across the continent.


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