Buhari Coordinator delivers polling unit in Ogun

Olasunkanmi Akinlotan

The Coordinator of the Buhari Youth Campaign Organisation Comrade Olusegun Clement has delivered his polling unit to President Muhammadu Buhari.

It should be recalled that the coordinator had earlier boasted that President Buhari will win the Peoples Democratic Party flag bearer, Atiku Abubarka in a landslide Victory.

Clement casted his vote at ward 7, Unit 1 (booth 3) at Asero area of Abeokuta in Ogun state.
After the result of the election was counted and announced at the polling unit, President Muhammadu Buhari of APC polled 119 votes while the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Atiku Abubarka of PDP polled 36 votes.

Speaking with PLATFORM TIMES, Clement expressed concern on the conduct of the election adding that for Atiku to have polled 36 votes it is questionable.

His words, ” some many of our old people waited for too long and were already tired before they were allowed to vote because I am sure that Atiku’s 36 votes are the product of tiredness on the part of our people.

” I am sure our people does not mean to vote Atiku, I am sure tiredness must have made 36 people of them made mistake out the 159 people who voted for APC and PDP in my polling unit.”

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