Amosun’s support for APM is a sign of Ingratitude – APC

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Faruq Kushoro

The Publicity Secretary of the Caretaker Committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ogun State, Tunde Oladunjoye has described the state governor, Ibikunle Amosun’s support for the Allied Peoples Movement (APM) as a sign of ingratitude.

Oladunjoye made this statement while speaking with newsmen in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital on Thursday.

He accused the governor of being desperate in his bid to install the APM governorship candidate in the state, Abdulkabir Akinlade as his successor in 2019 governorship election.

He said, “For the governor to be supporting APM, I just want to say that it is a sign of ingratitude for our members of APC that was persuaded to work for him, support him by Aremu Osoba.

“We are worried by the desperation of the state governor in his bid to install his preferred candidate as governor of Ogun state despite the clear signals from the last election that project is a fail project.

“It is now open that he is not sincere in his touted support for President Buhari, APM has his own presidential candidate in the last election who scored 26,039 votes and a large chunk of the votes came from Ogun state.

“This simply means APM people voted against Buhari in Ogun state despite the loyalty and first son of Buhari being touted by the governor. We are now telling our people that in the next election, there is no sharing of votes, it is APC at the Governorship and State Assembly level”.

Oladunjoye also called on the president to deploy soldiers to the state during the March 9 governorship election.

“I will also wish to remind you that in the past, both our party and various leaders of our party including our governorship candidate have raised alarm at various times on security situation in Ogun state.

“Our party also called on Inspector General of Police to set up an independent panel to examine and investigate rising political violence in Ogun state since October last year till now.

“It is regrettable that up till now, we have not even received an acknowledgment of our petitions and complaint from the police. It is not that we just said it by mouth, we wrote a letter and it was acknowledged and we have the acknowledgment copy, but till now we are yet to get a good response from the police authority.

“The President came to town and his entourage were stoned openly in broad daylight, no single arrest has been made. We, therefore, express serious doubt about all the ability of the present police commissioner to bring to book of that police officer.

“If the president can be stoned in broad daylight and no arrest was made, how are you going to pick the killers of the police. We are asking the IGP not only to transfer the police commissioner away from Ogun state for the period of this election but to also ensure that those who killed policeman are brought to book within the shortest period possible and those who stoned Mr. President at the stadium, should also be arrested.

“We also sympathize with the family of the deceased police officer and we are finally asking President Muhammadu Buhari who has said in his acceptance speech that he is going to strengthen the presence of security people, to also make sure that soldiers are dispatch to Ogun state.

“We are not saying they should be at the polling booth, but they should be at strategic places to disregard any trouble makers because the intelligence report we have is that violence would be carried out in the presence of police officers who will not do anything.

“Our governorship candidate is also a prime target from the report we got this morning. He is a prime target up to the level of his polling booth. The governorship candidate is likely to be attacked. Last time, when we said he is going to be attacked, they said is a lie, we got this report this morning that he is going to be attacked.

“We want the president to dispatch soldiers to Ogun state, as the state is a flashpoint. Ogun state has three commissioners of police for the last election and still a police officer was killed and that was an election that does not involve much contest among the parties, it is not about local politics and we have a desperate Governor”.

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