I will never associate with a primary school drop-out, Ogundele blast Kashamu  

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Faruq Kushoro

The factional chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Sikirulahi Ogundele has distanced himself from the governorship candidate of the party, Senator Buruji Kashamu, describing him as a primary school dropout.         

Ogundele said this while speaking with neesmen after his faction adopts the governorship candidate of the Allied Peoples Movement, Abdulkabir Akinlade in Abeokuta, the state capital.


He stressed that Ogun state is a well-sophisticated state that needs someone with credibility, not somebody who is criminally minded that can destroy the work done by the incumbent administration for over eight years.


He said, “PDP in Ogun state remains PDP in the state and the members are very intact, we are one in this state PDP and I remain the chairman of the PDP faction in Ogun state.


“We have just had a thought of considering the credibility, uprightness and quality of responsiveness of Abdulkabir Akinlade and we have considered it necessary that in Ogun state as a well-sophisticated state all these qualities must be taken to cognizant before choosing who to lead us in Ogun state.


“We believe in continuity and also we also consider the high level of mistreat of our own candidate, honestly no one would have expected a primary four drop-out to be claiming to become the governor of Ogun state or aspiring to become the governor of the state.


“Someone with criminal charges, somebody that is criminally inclined, somebody who is known to have fraud records, and that is the candidate INEC has given to us as governorship candidate. We are of high level of credibility and we have considered it, look into it and we have considered to choose the best irrespective of the party for the sake of moving the state forward.


“For the sake of civilization that is being recorded for the state, this state has produced three President, although one was not sworn-in and presently we have the vice-president. The first engineer, doctor, lawyer were from this state, we have a lot like that across all sphere of life, we can’t afford to have a criminally associated or somebody that has fraud records to be our candidate.


“I personally went through university and I can’t be part of the campaign of somebody that is criminally minded, somebody who doesn’t even pass out primary school and that alone is reason to have adopt Abdulkabir Akinlade of the Allied People’s Movement APM as our candidate, and solidly together as a party we have the right to associate and vote for whoever we feel can do it right.


“Politics is all about responsiveness, politics is about being outright, so we found all these qualities in Akinlade and as I speak with you the entire state exco members, local government and ward exco members across the state have graciously adopted the candidature of Abdulkabir Akinlade.


He promises to deliver massive votes for APM on Saturday, as they look forward to more adoption for Akinlade, he also describes the ruling APC as a party full of emptiness, as they have failed Nigerians woefully within the last four years


“Our members have been directed to vote for Akinlade come Saturday, March 9, the constitution permits us freedom of association and freedom to carry out our civic right according to concise. We are looking forward as a party for ADC to adopt APM governorship candidate, that is what we have agreed upon as a political party.


“We have set out machinery to go and talk to our people, even before now we have been able to tell them why we need to adopt Abdulkabir Akinlade, that is why I said it has gotten to the local and ward level reasons why Akinlade is the right person to take Ogun state to a greater height.


“Honestly, have described APC as a party full of empty noise of no significant impact in the life of Nigerian, have said it in some may place, we are not joining any parties we remain authentic members of the PDP and Akinlade has been adopted by the authentic PDP in Ogun state and we have no regret to do so.


“We only adopt Akinlade based on the aforementioned qualities in him, we set out all these qualities and we cross match it with the personality of all the candidates and we have found Akinlade to be more credible, upright and to be sensible. Also, we want him to continue the work of the incumbent governor who unfortunately is a senator under the APC.


“We looking up to have a very responsive government, I personally I give glory to Almighty God for what he has done on my life, for the political offices that I have held. Have been a two-term House of Assembly member, Chairman of a local government, have run for the governorship seat in this state two times, to God be the glory for all”.


Ogundele who describe his action as an independent decision, call on the people of Ogun state to support yewa for governor as the senatorial district has been denied the seat since the creation of the state.


He added, “We don’t need to have the mandate of anybody to adopt or carry out what we believe in, am an upright person, you always see me associating with credibility, am a very responsive person and when I see the personality of responsiveness I appreciate it, I have my own independent mind and I can take decision myself, in as much as state working committee of Ogun state PDP says I should go ahead and that is why am here and that is why we have adopted Akinlade and also to be fair yewa should be given a chance to govern this state, they have never attained this position”.





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