Nigerian Entrepreneur launches Foremost Edtech Platform to be Powered by Cryptocurrency.

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Peter Oloje, CEO of Valborg-Selma and Chairman of Poverty Escape Route Foundation, has launched Cryptowealth Journal (CWJ).

Cryptowealth journal is set to be the first cryptocurrency to power Edtech platform, Smartdigiskills(SDS).

As a focused mobile education platform, Cryptowealth seeks to empower students, youths and budding entrepreneurs to enhance digital skills, accumulate wealth and connect to digital opportunities.

According to Peter, “Our mobile platform will empower over 100 million students and young professionals, to acquire the digital skills necessary to earn freelance income, become entrepreneurs, or transition to a new digital first career, in the face of AI and automation.

According to Director of Social Media Marketing Jack Walter, Statistics show that 75 million of the 200 million students in Africa are unemployed, these statistics is not unconnected to the fact that students desire to receive high-paying jobs, post-graduation, but often lack the necessary skills required to add tangible value to leading employers.

Moreso, Entrepreneurs, youth and low-income workers, who desire to increase their wealth, often struggle with the where and how to start as freelancers, or entrepreneurs thus the birth of CWJ and SDS to help solve such problems.

According to the White Paper Made available on the Companys website, 70million units of CWJ Tokens will be Circulating Supply – 70,000,000. Similar to Binance, a leading exchange, our 70m circulating supply will decrease to 30 million over time.

By Second half of 2023, CWJ and SDS is projected to be worth over $3Billion.

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