Imams, Islamic scholars to Buhari: Wipe out terrorist activities in Nigeria

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Imams and Senior Islamic scholars from the 36 states of the Federation at the FCT on Friday called on President Muhammadu Buhari to leave no stone unturned towards wiping out terrorists activities in the country.

The group, who was led to the Council Chamber of the Presidential Villa, Abuja by Professor Shehu A. S. Galadanci, the Murshid, National Mosque Abuja, noted that apart from terrorists activities in the North East, there have been increasing kidnapping, raping and illicit drug consumption in other parts of the country.

At the closed doors meeting, he also congratulated the President on his reelection as President of the country.

A copy of the presentation to the President reads “In this verse Almighty Allah has clearly told the Believers; that it is He and He alone that gives power (Mulk) to whom He likes and strips off power away from whom He pleases.

“He does what He likes and nobody has power to prevent the happening of what He does.

“We thank the Almighty for gracefully and graciously placing Your Excellency in this exalted and elevated position as the leader, the President of this country. Thanks be to Him also for giving us this wonderful country with numerous bounties such as fertile land, minerals and human resources.” he said.

He went on “This group of ‘Ulama’ who represent the entire ‘Ulama’ in this country are here today to congratulate Your Excellency Sincerely for your overwhelming victory at the Presidential poll that took place a few weeks ago.

“This victory, no doubt demonstrates that the desire of the majority of Nigerians is to ensure the continuity of your administration to the next level.

“We pray that Almighty Allah will grant you the ability to continue with the excellent work you have been doing in the country

“Your Excellency Mr. President praise be to Almighty Allah for giving you health, power, wisdom, courage, determination and fear of Allah to make possible for you to bring many changes in the country. The many projects you started have already yielded fruition.”

According to him, many Nigerians, a few years, were only sleeping with one eye opened.

Noting that they now sleep with both eyes closed due to the achievement of the administration in securing the nation, he said that there is still more to be done.

He said “We thank you for these remarkable achievements. It is true, however, that there are still some pockets of terrorist activities in some remote areas, and we pray that Allah will continue to give you power to annihilate them and wipe them off completely.

“We wish to request Your Excellency that a few additional terrorist activities that have started to spread in this country such as kidnapping, raping and illicit drug consumption, should be dealt with.

“We hope you will deal with them in the same way you are dealing with Boko Haram.” he stated

Noting the achievements of the administration in Agriculture, he said “We now produce what we eat and we eat what we produce.

“What your government has been able to achieve are indeed numerous, and time may not permit mentioning them at the moment.

“But a few more must be mentioned in passing: these are fighting against corruption providing infrastructural facilities such as roads, railways and waterways among others; these are conspicuously seen by all.“

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