We won’t withdraw our petition against Abiodun, LP Chairman tells Political parties

Olasunkanmi Akinlotan
The Chairman of Labour Party in Ogun state Com. Abayomi Arabambi has rejected the call by the Governorship candidates of 15 political parties in the state describing them as political jobbers. 

The Labour Party Chairman, who spoke tough in response to the call by the body of Governorship candidates under the umbrella of the League of Registered Political parties for the 2019 general elections, said the Governorship candidates were only doing a job they were paid for.

The Governorship candidates had on Monday called on the candidates of the Allied Peoples Movement (APM) and the Labour Party to withdraw their partitions against the All Progressives Congress candidate, Dapo Abiodun in the spirit of sportsmanship.

His words, “Our party attention was drawn to a sponsored press conference by a certain group of persons calling on our Great party to abandoned our God-given mandate in favour of their paymasters
“These political traders are bought, yes purchased and tamed by corrupt tendencies and enslaved by the APC / PDP – APC in Ogun State. This is yet another form of negative politics being flown through the same people these political Giants and poisons had earlier supported into pretending to be independent political parties as alternatives before the election.
“These cheap purchased political turncoats represents less than Ten per cent ( 10%)of the strength of political parties in Ogun State.
“This comes now when it has dawned on their patrons, their Puppeteers that the end of the road is here. These supposedly League representatives are a pathetic pack of political cancers, very much prone to being purchased at most times along with the dullards answering to some fluke Gubernatorial Candidacies.
“Meanwhile , there is need to assure the public that by the acts of violence and official intimidations as depicted in Ogun State by the APC and the PDP and funded by the State Government, its investigation has been yielding very solid pieces of evidence of implications to some highly visible political poisons in Ogun State and beyond.
“Yes, the undisputed tribunal court process is surely getting more taming effects on the natural violent topmost individuals in their evil coalition.
“Finally, we in Ogun State Labour Party want to strongly assure the public that this arrangement hatched purely to insult the intelligence of the public is hereat offhandedly rejected.
“We register our stronger resolve and determination to prosecute this one case to its possible legal and Judicial conclusion.”

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