Nigerian student put her naked picture with phone number in answer booklet, says Ghanaian lecturer

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A senior lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Business School, Dr. Emmanuel Acheampong has come out to share his experience about how a Nigerian female student in one of the country’s universities offered him sex-for-grade.

Acheampong who spoke on Ahotor FM said: “She was a Nigerian student.”

According to Dr. Acheampong, the student had included “her naked picture and telephone number” in her answer booklet after writing his paper.

“When I opened the paper, it was an empty sheet with her naked picture and telephone number under it. I called her and with my background as a Christian, I counselled her,” he revealed.

I failed her woefully, Dr. Acheampong said.

Acheampong spoke in the wake of ‘sex for grades’ expose by the BBC Africa Eye. University of Ghana and University of Lagos, whose lecturers were indicted in the documentary have suspended the lecturers.

Because these things happen in most of the universities, Acheampong said usually gives out questions before the examination to avoid anything of the sort. This practice discourages students from coming to you, he said.

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