You will get my commissioners’ list as soon as you get it, Abiodun tells journalists

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Sodiq Ojuroungbe

The Ogun state governor, Dapo Abiodun has claimed that his commissioners’ list would be ready whenever the people see it.

The governor who spoke with newsmen shortly after he had a caucus meeting with the stakeholders in All Progressives Congress in Ogun state said his commissioners’ list would be ready soon.

Abiodun explained that the meeting was to brief the party stakeholders on his activities since he assumed office over three months as governor of the state.

He added that the meeting also discussed how the party will nominate commissioners that would work with him in the next four years.

He said, “The meeting was to afford me the opportunities as the governor of the state to brief the state caucus formally on our activities over the last three and half months.

“That was the primary objective of this meeting, because we have not quite held a caucus meeting since the beginning of this administration and we are doing that today.

“We also deliberate over several issues; we appreciate the fact that the tenure of our local government council chairmen is up. I needed to inform the party officially as that has happened I will begin to plan on those will sit in capacity as caretaker chairmen.

“Wide range of issues I think has been in the mind of party leaders were also discussed. Generally, we get opportunities for the caucus leadership to vet me and we also have the opportunities of passing information to them and at the end of the day, we have a very successful, deliberation and meeting.”

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He further said, “forming my cabinet was not on the table for discussion per say, it was part of what I inform the caucus about that very soon our cabinet will be formed and I shared with them the process that it will take.

“Because, I have said this government will be inclusive and participatory, I shared with them the process that requires them to also contribute nomination of candidates for our commissioners.  They are adequately informed and they will be coming back to me in a week or so.

“You will get the commissioners’ list as soon you get.”

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