Politicians without second address is a failure – Obasanjo

Abdulqudus Ogundapo

Former President  Olusegun Obasanjo has  advised politicians to find another job ,declaring that any politician who does not have  another job which he described as a second address , is a failed politician.

Obasanjo said  this at an interactive session with delegates during   Presidential Youth Mentorship Retreat held   at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library,  Abeokuta.

The former president who spoke for two days (Monday and Tuesday)  cautioned politicians in Nigeria  from  addressing themselves as  professional politicians ,saying , for anyone to be successful in politics in Nigeria, he or she must have another job .  

He said, “If you want to do politics successfully, you must have a second address. Why would somebody wake up and say his  profession is politics.

“If you’re a politician and you see yourself as a professional politician in this Nigeria context, then you’re a failure”.

While speaking on the problems facing African continent , Obasanjo said education must be taken seriously, especially, girl child education .

The former president noted that his major concern is to build leaders of tomorrow, urging them to prepare for future challenges .

He advised  the delegates to be ready to sacrifice  individually and  collectively to make the African continent a  great nation

He   lamented that African countries were lagging behind in education because most of its serving and past  leaders were not well educated.

Obasanjo  submitted that African countries could afford free education for their people if proper policies were put  in place.

He said, one of the factors that will aid development in the African region is education for all genders.

Obasanjo lamented that most female students  across the region were not privileged to  access  adequate and qualitative education.

He said “One of the things  that will help us in Africa is education.. Education for all. If you educate a female child, you have educated the whole world and that is one thing we haven’t got right.

” Whatever you think is wrong, there is something you can contribute to make it better. Most leaders are not sufficiently educated. I went to a meeting and an African leader was telling me that I will take care of my children before taking care of my country.

“I believed free education is necessary but, that shouldn’t stop establishment of private schools.  Africa can afford free education.”

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