Abiodun plans to spend N357.170 billion on ‘ISEYA’ agenda

Sodiq Ojuroungbe

The Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun on Tuesday, said his administration is proposing to spend N357.170 billion on five strategic areas which he termed ‘ISEYA’.

The governor while speaking at the 2020 budget presentation before the state House of Assembly listed the five key area as Infrastructure, Social wellbeing, Education, Youth empowerment and Agriculture.

Abiodun who presented N449. 974 proposal titled ” Budget to build our future together “ as the 2020 budget proposal explained that the ISEYA agenda would be geared towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

While doing a breakdown of the proposed N357.170 billion, the governor said N107. 964 billion was budgeted for infrastructure, while social wellbeing and education would take N128. 067 billion and N91. 609 billion respectively.

He added that N7.896billion was proposed to be spent on youth empowerment, while he plans to spend N21. 634billion on agriculture.

He said, “to our Five Strategic Pillars, essentially coined I.S.E.Y.A, we propose as follows:

“Infrastructure is One Hundred and Seven Point Nine Six Four Billion Naira which is Twenty Four Percent of total.

“Social Wellbeing and Welfare is One Hundred and Twenty Eight Point Zero Six Seven Billion Naira which is Twenty Eight Percent of total.

“Education is Ninety One Point Six Zero Nine Billion Naira which is Twenty Percent of total.

“Youth Empowerment is Seven Point Eight Nine Six Billion Naira which is Two Percent of total.

“Agriculture is Twenty One Point Six Three Four Billion Naira which is Five Percent of total.”

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