Some of my lecturers not fit to be secondary school teachers, says Ogun Poly Rector

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Sodiq Ojuroungbe

The Rector of D.S Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic, Itori-Ewekoro in Ogun state, Prof. Alfred Fatade on Monday said that some of the lecturers in the institution are not fit to be a secondary school teacher.

He maintained that some of the lecturers do not fit to be in secondary schools not to talk of tertiary institution.

The rector stressed that many of the lecturers do not meet and interact with other sister’s institution so as to see how things are being run there.

Prof. Fatade explained that the lecturers including the chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic, D.S Adegbenro branch does not have any teaching method.

He said, “some of them (lecturers) are not fit to be in secondary school, not to talk of being in tertiary institution.

“They do not meet, interact or do investigations from sister’s institution even within the state not to talk of outside.

“The chairman of ASUP claim to have some little content knowledge, but unfortunately for him, he is in my field which is mathematics.

“On more than three occasions, I have entered his class and got dissatisfied with his method of teaching.

“He doesn’t have any method of teaching, his delivery method is zero and pedagogical content knowledge is zero.

“He does not care whether students understand or they don’t understand.”

Prof. Fatade however stressed that the university would embark on bringing professionals so as to flush those lecturers that does not worth to be in the polytechnic.

“We will call professionals to come to the school to look at situation especially those in the academic setting.”

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