Employment is the only solution to insecurity – Gbenga Daniel

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Abdulqudus Ogundapo

A Former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel has identified creation of jobs as the antidote to insecurity in Nigeria.

The Former Governor said this on Thursday while speaking with newsmen in Abeokuta at the public presentation of a book titled ‘Wisdom Nuggets For Daily Living’, authored by Remmy Hazzan, the Special Adviser to Ogun State Governor on Media.

Daniel insisted that, provision of jobs for the people should be the priority of the government.

He stated that, the government has not done enough in terms of securing the country.

The Former Governor argued that, securing the country is more than purchasing ammunitions to chase enemies.

He said “The biggest challenge we have, people talk about insecurity, but it’s information. What has happened today is conglomeration of information people. And I am particularly happy to join them. We need to continually educate our people, give them quality information because where information is missing, all sort of mischief happens and the nation can be destroyed.

“I think clearly we have not done enough in trying to secure our environment. The way I look at it security is more than getting ammunitions and chasing ourselves. People must be given employment. The first thing is to make sure that people are employed. It’s after that you will be able to see who constitute security risk. So, for me, providing employment for our people is the first thing we need to do to tackle security issues”.

Reviewing the book, the owner of a radio station based in Abeokuta, Rock City 101.9 FM, Niran Malaolu commended the author.

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Malaolu said the book explained how to live and die in a Godly manner.

He noted that, the book examined the implication of victories.

The Chairman added that the book highlighted what every individual needed to do in their spiritual endeavours.

In his address, the Special Adviser to Ogun State Governor on Media and the author of the book, Remmy Hazzan preached community policing.

He said “It was a dream that began about six years ago. It was in 2014 that I realised that inspirations that drop in me and I tend to forget them and struggling to recollect became difficult.

“So I took the initiative of now doing a daily recording such inspirations and before I knew it, it became something big. And I convinced myself that I needed to back age it properly so that the next generation can have something to fall back on.

“Part of the wisdom that we need is to ensure that you police a locality with those who know that locality. Thank God that reason is beginning to prevail now that we are now beginning to embrace community policing which means you rely on those who are from that terrain to actually gather the intelligence that will help police to work.

“One of the problems of the police in the present time is the fact that, as much as they are willing to work, they know little or nothing about the difficult terrains of the localities they find themselves. So wisdom means that you translate the knowledge into proper application and community policing is proper application of policing knowledge so that you can gathered intelligence that will help you nip crime in the bud”.

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