Why I left my programmes in different stations and move to Splash FM, popular OAP, Abbas Adefulu

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Popular On-Air Personality, Abbas Adefulu has explained why he dropped all his radio programmes in different radio stations so as to become a full-time broadcaster with the new radio station in the state, Splash FM.

The seasoned Broadcaster said he joined the new radio station so that he can be doing all his programme in one station.

Adefulu, in an interview with Platform Times, explained that many of his fans will enjoy him better on Splash FM because of the wider reach of the new station.

He said, “the main reason for dropping all my programs in other station to move to Splash Fm is because of the quality of the new radio.

“Splash FM is a new station in ogun state and I have worked in many radio stations with different programs.

“I felt with the invitation of splash fm, if I could put all these programmes together in one radio station that will project me better.

“A lot of my fans and friends will enjoy me better because Splash have a wide reach, good structure and more talented broadcasters working in the station.”

Speaking on when he started broadcasting, the seasoned broadcaster said, “I started radio broadcasting very early since I was in secondary school

“I have the first opportunity to be in a studio in 2004 with the opportunity given to me by broadcasting stiege, Mrs. Bolanle Kareem and that will be my first time of talk on radio

“In 2006,I began my first independent programme Eku iyaleta on AM frequency.

“After that, I proceeded to OGBC on the broadcasting Career, Paramount fm, faaji fm, Radio Lagos, choice fm, Rootfm, Smash fm and many other radio stations which are many to mentioned in Southwest.”

The OAP however said the practice of broadcasting is different from what it used to be when he started.

According to him, bowadays broadcasting is quite different from the old broadcasting.

He added, “when I started my broadcasting career, radio stations in Abeokuta are just two; it was OGBC and Paramount fm.

“But now, the radio stations have increased which you can’t say that this is the actual station operating in the state.

“The different between then and now is that there have been proliferation.

“We now have a lot of people that are in broadcasting industry and are not professional.

“We have so many unqualified people in the broadcasting industry.”

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