Corruption is depriving us of better welfare packages, says Ogun NLC chair

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Sodiq Ojuroungbe

The Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress in Ogun state, Comrade Emmanuel Bankonle, has lamented that corruption is depriving the workforce across the country from getting better welfare packages.

Bankole explained that corruption has blocked many opportunities workers would have benefited from the government such as going abroad for training amongst others.

Bankole said this on Thursday while addressing workers at a prayer session organised for the state workers held at the NLC Secretariat, Leme in Abeokuta.

The NLC chairman however urged the workers to abstain from corrupt practices and fight against it.

His words, ” A diligent worker will empower and strengthen the Union to ask from employer better welfare packages and other benefits. But, if as workers, we are not diligent in our duty post, we will only put our union in a very big opposition, we will not be able to go to the employer with courage to ask for this and that. As workers, I want to appeal to us let us be diligent in our duty post.

“The word of God also enjoined us that whatever we lay our upon, we should do it very well. So, I also want to enjoin us that whatever we lay our hands upon, we should not look back, we should do it very well and they are to enjoin us as worker and the private and public sector, let us do our job diligently.

“And I want to appeal particularly to workers in Ogun State as major stakeholders, the state has been christened investors destination, and if they will come, either small, medium or large scale, we are the first person that they will meet, and if our manner of approach we are not diligent in welcoming in a way that will satisfy them, we will just turn them away.

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“So let us be diligent and relate well, if these investors will come, we are the first point of contact, and as such we should be able to market our state very well. We should be able to interact with them very well in a way they will encourage them to come and do business with the state.

“Because it is by so doing that we are going to enlarge the scope of employment for people that are looking for job. Also, it will brings in more revenue for the state government and address infrastructural gap in the state. Also, it will bring about better welfare packages for workers in the state.

“So, I want to encourage us we should be public relations specialists to state government, in whatever capacity and our level, we should be public relations specialists, be able to market and project the image of the state in a manner that people will want to patronise and come to Ogun State.

“As we do these, we will able to strengthen the Union and related well with, so that we can now go to government to ask for this and for that, and that our people having done this, having increase the internal generated revenue to so high level, we also deserve to have better packages. So I want to encourage as workers in the state, let us be up and doing, be diligent.

“Let us abstain from all manner of corruption anything that will tarnish the image of the Union, please, let’s abstain from it. If workers are found wanting and you have to face panel, and your labour leader will have to beg them, then you have weakened your labour leader to be begging on your behalf.

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“The best way is to have absolute abstain from any manner of corruption, and what is more is that we should dedicate ourselves as vanguard for anti-corruption in Ogun State.

“Anything corruption should be eradicated in the state, corruption is depriving us of better welfare packages only that we have been available to create conducive environment, to send us to training human capacity, it is not there because some people are pocketing these money.

“Also, as workers we should join Tue vanguard of anti corruption, fight corruption to a standstill and not allow it to thrive in the state. Thee will be more money for government, more better welfare packages for workers too, for infrastructural development, first human capacity development and many more”.

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