Anxiety as partial fuel scarcity hits Ogun

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Sodiq Ojuroungbe

There is anxiety among residents living in Abeokuta area of Ogun state over artificial fuel scarcity in the state capital.

PLATFORM TIMES observed that some notable petrol stations in the state capital have refused to sell fuel to customers over an alleged rumour that there might be fuel scarcity in the state soon.

A visit by PLATFORM TIMES reporter to some petrol stations which include Ike Anobi at Lafenwa, Arolat at Olomore, Fagbems at Oke-Mosan, Atinsola, Ashkash, among others revealed that many of the petrol stations have shut their gates against custormers since yesterday evening and refused to sell their reserve.

PLATFORM TIMES also learnt that many petrol stations in Ota area of the state are not also selling fuel.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that the customers of petrol stations include motorists, generator users, artisans, among others.

Findings by PLATFORM TIMES revealed that the refusal by the petrol stations was because of a rumour that fuel would not be brought to the state in the next one week.

A source in one of the filling stations who pleaded anonymity told PLATFORM TIMES that the decision to close stations was to be able to have some reserved fuel by the time the scarcity hit the state.

The source hinted PLATFORM TIMES that there is possibility of fuel scarcity in every part of the state by next week if fuel was not brought into the state.

When some of the residents spoke with PLATFORM TIMES, they expressed concern over the partial fuel scarcity.

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The residents appealed to the Petroleum Dealers Association to come to their aid by ensuring there is supply of fuel to all filling stations in the state.

A resident, Babajide Adeoye said, “The government and the petroleum dealers should come up our aid now before those get out of hand.

“I have been to like two petrol stations and I could not get what I want from them, I think they need to do something now.”

Another resident, Adeola Solomon accused the petrol dealers of planning to cause a fuel scarcity that would make them get additional money.

Solomon insisted that the partial fuel scarcity was a strategic plan by the petrol dealers to exploit the people of the state.

He added, “this fuel scarcity that is about to happen is just a way by the petrol dealers to exploit us and enrich their personal pocket.

“I am sure government is aware of this and must ensure something is done before this get out of hand. Fuel scarcity at this point will not be a good thing.”

Meanwhile, our reporter also observed that some filling stations like NNPC, NATIS and
MUYAD were still dispensing fuel.

However, efforts by PLATFORM TIMES to get the official reasons behind the action of the petrol stations from their managements proved abortive as the attendants shouted on our reporter that “there is no fuel, go somewhere else”.

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