Has Sidi Osho been secretly sworn in ?

A conversation between the duo of Ayoola and Papa Chinwe as witnessed by OLASUNKANMI AKINLOTAN , Platform Times reporter, over the real status of Sidi Osho, an Ogun State Commissioner-Designate; effects and the integrity on the Governor Dapo Abiodun’s led government.

Around 4:30pm on Friday evening, after covering the funeral service of the former Majority Leader of the Ogun state House of Assembly, Hon. Yinka Mafe, at St. Barnabas Anglican church, Emuren, Sagamu, in Ogun east area of the state, almost directly opposite the OPIC tower in Oke Ilewo, Abeokuta, I boarded a cab going to Olomore with a plan to alight at panseke. In the cab, I met a passenger with an Identity card identifying him as Ayoola with the driver, I met them in an argument about the embattled commissioner-designate for education, Dr Sidi Osho.

During the conversation, the driver who I later identified as baba Chinwe said, “we are all waiting to see who Dapo Abiodun is, especially how he will handle Sidi Osho’s case”. Now the discussion.

Almost immediately after getting into the cab, I asked, wetin happen oo?

Papa Chinwe : My brother pls, something happen for my house yesterday and I am still baffled even till now.

Me : Wetin be that Sir?

Papa Chinwe : I get two sons and two daughters, a boy and a girl in higher institutions while my last daughter dey secondary school, But, my second son no wan go school hin talk say na football he wan dey play.

I decided to talk to him yesterday. So I called him and after talking for about one hour, I asked him of his opinion and he said “Papa, schooling now in Nigeria especially here in Ogun state is worthless. Let me just travel and do something better with my life. Papa, Today inside this Ogun state government, people are there with questionable academic qualifications including the commissioner for EDUCATION who was sacked in a school here in Ogun state and now appointed as the education commissioner, what are we then talking about? Let me just meet the right people and a certificate will be arranged. When my friends become Governors, one of them will make me commissioner and heaven will not fall.

Immediately he said that, I became speechless, please how true is this ?

Ayoola : Haha, Baba na true ooo, but I hear say the woman sef don dey answer commissioner after the government refused to swear her in and the school where she was sacked refused to quash her sack even when the government wanted the quash.

Papa Chinwe : Which kind thing be that ?

Ayoola : Na for here in Ogun I first hear am ooo

Me : Why should the sack stop her from being a Commissioner?

Ayoola : Even as commissioner for education ? In the same state?

Me : Is there a problem with that ?

Ayoola : My brother…

Firstly : What led to her sack should be investigated and her role ascertained – he who must come to equity must come with clean hands. If her exit from her place of work has to do with morals, how would she then handle the ministry especial of EDUCATION !

Secondly : We must think about the position of the young ones about it and what effect it would have on them.

I think for Governor not to have sworn her in alongside others, he was aware of the situation and must have had a second thought especially the morality angle. But some elements must have started extorting her, promising to help her get out of such mess.

Meanwhile, why can’t she just walk away for now, clear her name before the school senate and then put herself up again if she so wish? Remember, her name matters too especially to her children.

My brother, I remember this Governor talking ill of the status education he met as Governor and now, the head of his education team is someone dismissed from the same sector. I am even thinking probably we do not have any other better hand in the state.

Just imagine the driver (Papa Chinwe) son’s case, many other young persons might have start taking Solace in the embattled commissioners case, where do we now go from here?

Thirdly, are you saying all the Governor’s nominees were not screened ? Abi, how come, the DSS no take discover the mess earlier? May God help us.

Papa Chinwe : Chai, we don enter am for Nigeria! But, if this scales through, that one na bad record den don lay be that oo. People sef no go forget Governor Dapo Abiodun’s administration with that dent.

Meanwhile, I was suppose to alight from the cab at Panseke but I was so engrossed in the discussion and never knew when the cab got to Olomore. But before alighting, I asked the driver for his name and he said Baba Chinwe.

Me : Nice to meet you both bye.

Olasunkanmi Akinlotan,



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  1. I don’t know why Ogun government is involving in corruption .Does mean that we don’t hsve someone that is capable of being education commissioner except that woman and is as if she don’t have shame

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