Pray against Covid-19 in the last 10 days of Ramadan, Ogun Imams charge Muslims

Oluwatobi Odeyinka

The League of Imams and Alfas in Ogun state has charged muslims in the state to observe the last 10 days of fasting in prayer against Covid-19 and other diseases.

The call was made in release signed by the President General of the body, Sheikh Liadi Orunsolu on Thursday.

Orunsola who facilitated with muslims in the state for being alive, appreciated their compliance to the restriction on religious gatherings by the government.

He said, “I also want to appreciate the members of the Muslim Community in Ogun State for the decorum displayed since the outbreak of the pandemic in our dear state. We are particularly delighted by the level of compliance to the initial press release by the Rabitah requesting Muslims to stay at home and away from all gatherings that can predispose us all to the virus and other diseases.

“We are conscious that this is a very difficult decision for us collectively, more so as it involves suspension of solat in congregation in the mosques, suspension of Jumah services, snowballing into Ramadan and depriving us all of our communal Taraweeh, Tafsir sessions, Ramadan special lectures and joint Iftar programs. Definitely, this decision is for our own good and the good of all.”

Orunsola called for prayer for forgiveness and against diseases in the remaining days to Ramadan.

“We are enjoined to optimally utilise these last ten nights to seek Allah’s pardon over our errors, pray for our nation Nigeria and the world at large. The prayer of the Prophet at this important period is ‘Allahumma Innaka A’fuwun tuhiibul afuwa fa’afu anniy. (Oh Our Lord, You are the One who pardons, You love to pardon, please pardon me)’

“We should however include: ‘Allahuma Inna nauzubika Minal baros, wal junun, wal judhaam, wamin seyyi-il asqoom. (Oh Allah Our Lord, we seek refuge in You from leucoderma, madness, leprosy, and from evil afflictions.

“I pray Allah cleanses us and our lands of all ills and troubles before the end of Ramadān.”

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