We may continue to extend lockdown in Ogun, if…, says Abiodun

Sodiq Ojuroungbe

The Ogun state governor, Dapo Abiodun has disclosed that the level of compliance of the people in the state will determine if there will be extension of lockdown in the coming weeks.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that the governor explained that the lockdown in the state might be ease at the end of the new lockdown period if there are positive developments in the compliance of the residents of the state to wearing of facemask and social distancing.

The Governor said this while addressing newsmen at the Governor’s Office, Oke Mosan, Abeokuta.

He lamented that the number of cases in the state in the last one week have increased with about 30% new cases.

The governor also lamented that many residents in the state are still defying the usage of facemask and social distancing despite public awareness.

According to him, some residents still come out in the public without the use of facemasks or use the facemasks in a manner that do not shield their mouths and noses; motorcycles and tricycles riders still carry more than the approved number of passengers of one and two respectively; and drivers of taxi cab and passenger buses are also culpable in this flagrant violations of the extant guidelines. Our markets have also not fully compiled with physical distancing and other measures to ensure the markets do not become the COVID-19 transmission centers.

He added. “first,  the medical update. In my last week briefing, the number of confirmed cases in Ogun State was 100. But, by yesterday, Thursday 14th May, 2020, we have recorded 34 more positive cases of COVID- 19, bringing the total to 134. This shows an increase of more than 30%, in just one week.

“We will continue to monitor the level of compliance with the lockdown measures and incidence of community transmission and hopefully, there will be positive developments that will enable us further ease the lockdown at the end of this new lockdown period.”

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