COVID-19: We have increased our testing capacity to 450 per day, says Abiodun

Oluwatobi Odeyinka

Ogun state has increased its testing capacity for the pandemic Coronavirus, Governor Dapo Abiodun reveals.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that Abiodun disclosed this to newsmen while narrating reasons for the increase in confirmed cases.

“The spike in the number of positive cases, particularly in the last one week, is attributable to two main factors. First is the expanded testing capacity, currently at 450 per day, that has enabled us to embark on aggressive testing, especially in the communities with possible high prevalence of infection such as our border communities.”

Meanwhile, Abiodun also blamed the increase of cases on disregard for preventive measures and guidelines by residents of the state.

He alleged that many residents fail to use nose masks yet they do not observe physical distancing in public.

He said, “In spite of several warnings and the concerted efforts of our security agencies, a number of our people have continued to flout the measures in place to flatten the curve of the spread. Some residents still come out in the public without the use of facemasks or use the facemasks in a manner that do not shield their mouths and noses; motorcycles and tricycles riders still carry more than the approved number of passengers of one and two respectively; and drivers of taxi cab and passenger buses are also culpable in this flagrant violations of the extant guidelines.

“Our markets have also not fully compiled with physical distancing and other measures to ensure the markets do not become the COVID-19 transmission centers.”

Meanwhile, the governor pledged that he state would continue to increase its testing capacity to further contain community spread.

“We will keep expanding our testing capacity by deploying more personnel and testing centers to every nook and cranny of the State.”

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