Yoruba leaders beg Abiodun sign Amotekun bill into law

Abdulqudus Ogundapo

The Yoruba World Congress has appealed to Governor Dapo Abiodun to sign Ogun State Security Network Agency Bill codenamed ‘Amotekun’ into law.

The Yoruba socio- cultural group also urged the governor to inaugurate the board members of the security outfit with experienced people.

The group Chairman,  Chief Jimoh Taofeeq  made this known in a statement issued and made available to PLATFORMTIMES on Sunday.

Taofeeq explained that, appointing experienced people as the board members of the security outfit would bring synergy between operation Amotekun outfit and other sister agencies.

The Chairman noted that, only few invaders were intercepted by security agencies, noting that a greater number of undiscovered and under-covered invasions has taken place in recent time in the state.

The statement reads “The attention of Yoruba World Congress (YWC) – the umbrella body of other Yoruba Socio- Cultural groups worldwide_ under the able leadership of renowned activist, Chief Jimoh Olawale Taofeek after several consultative meetings with other major Stakeholders of various groups hereby urging our amiable and cherished listener Governor, Prince (Dr) Dapo Abiodun to  assent the clean copy of Amotekun bill forwarded by Ogun State House of Assembly some months back and equally inaugurate the Board members of the security outfit with experienced persons of  unquestionable character and high repute without further delay and this will equally bring a formidable synergy between Operation Amotekun Security Outfit which her major  focus is to fish out the Criminals from their hideouts in remote rural areas and other existing Sister Security Agencies in order to curb crime.

“He further remind the Governor that Ogun State as the gateway state is not just a mere name, having considering the porosity of our borders where many can gain entrance trough the bush; couple with the high influx of able bodies men and women that disguised in the name of Almajiris at this time of COVID 19 pandemics where Inter-State movement is highly restricted but this invaders still violating the law and invading our States indiscriminately in large numbers without clear identity to different unknown destination called for a greater attention,caution and pro active measures.

“Mr Governor as the Chief Security Officer of the State should also be alerted that only few invaders were intercepted, noting that a greater number of undiscovered and under-covered invasions has taken place in recent time in South Western State in general and Ogun State in particular. For this reason, I want to make it clear that.. perpetual vigilance and alertness are the basic guarantee of security because it is obvious that the successful invaders have not only harmful but evil mission”.

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