Allow Muslims hold Eid prayer at their respective prayer grounds, Muslim leaders beg governors

Sodiq Ojuroungbe

Muslim leaders in Yorubaland, Edo and Delta have appealed to the state governors to allow Muslims hold Eid prayer at their respective prayer grounds during the coming Eid-il-fitr celebration.

PLATFORM TIMES reports that the Eid-il-fitr is a special prayer for Muslims after performing the 29 or 30 days compulsory fasting.

The Muslim leaders appealed to the governors to meet and give chance to reopening of Mosques and Churches so as to pray against the COVID-19 pandemic currently ravaging the globe.

The Wakeelu Muslims of Yorubaland, Edo and Delta states, Sheikh Iskeel Awwal who spoke on behalf of the Muslim leaders said this on Thursday while speaking with newsmen in Abeokuta.

Sheikh Awwal who commended the governors for their efforts in combating the pandemic noted that if there is strict adherence to the guidelines of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, the people can be prevented from contacting the virus.

He lamented that the ban on religious gathering has denied Muslims from benefits of congregration of solats and listening to Tafsir among others during the Holy month of Ramadan.

According to him, I am not surprised that my brothers and sisters in Islam obey the Government’s order , despite that it is painful to stay away from the mosques .It is because Allah enjoins us to obey Him, HIs prophet and the people in the authority .

The Muslim Ambassador however maintained that the mosque has both spiritual solution to whatever problems that might be facing the world.

He noted that the reopening of Mosques will make religious believers beg Allah for his mercies against the pandemic.

He said, “We appeal to all our governors to allow Muslims hold the coming Eid prayer at their respective prayer grounds in the states. We are begging them and appealing to them.

“I am not the only one, I am the ambassador for all the leagues of Imam and Alfas in Yorubalamd. Anything I say, I am saying it on behalf of the League of Imams and Alfas in Southwest, Edo and Delta.

“We have not contacted any governors, but we are appealing to all governors to meet together to give us chance to reopen mosque and church so as to pray for our land.

“As the Wakeelu Muslims , I know that mosque which is the house of Allah has the solution for whatever problems either spiritual or physical .

“The Governors, if they could re open the mosques , we will all beg Allah for His mercies against the pandemic and He will heal our land.”

He also urged the Muslims to follow the guidelines of NCDC in the use of face masks, washing of hands with hand sanitizer and keeping social distancing.

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