Agony of girl child: The mentor that become pepper mint (OPINION)

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All I ever want Was a mentor not pepper mint. A guardian not not a blind man. A leader not a reader to d hole between my legs.

Just one visitation to my house stands as a statue of nightmare.

And behold I saw a beast walking down my lane. A big beast who saw fear in me but was not moved neither was he scared.

Same beast became a fat shadow, same shadow made me shallow.

He’s coming for d narrow hole;
Shhhhhiii, don’t scream, this he said repeatedly to my ears.

Help! help!! I screamed, but no one to rescue.

With fear I struggled just to defeat this battle, but I am a weaker vessel as the Bible defines me.

His strength were mighty , desperate mission written all over his face; that’s the real definition of ‘konji’

My wrist were in pain till they became cold.

Sure, he knew blood won’t flow
because I couldn’t fight the strength placed on it.

Finally my hymen became weak, it gave a way in obviously no hope for fight.

I was broken, I was detached from my dreams and focus.

My heart was in pain, I felt separated from God.

I see myself miserable and worthless.

He left with no iota of guilt or shame, but stood tall like “mission accomplished”.

He went away leaving me unclean.

Definitely this mirror can’t get off my face.

RAPE IS BAD and I define it thus: Render
Angels, Priceless and Everytime

Ask aunty Mercy Aigbe in the movie called VICTIM. She was lost psychologically, emotionally and even physically; she was drained.

Oh October 1st(movie) can narrate the rest, ask uncle Afolayan.

Rape is evil

Making Busola Dakolo our case study

Rape will trend, but always leave your head bend between your laps.

Let’s control our mind and heart.

Let’s preach heavenly words and not sugar quote.

Let’s fight for all girl child.

Let’s help our generation and remember only the strong can speak out.

Do we ignore the fearful tender heart?

Help! help!! we call our government.

Save! save!! we cry we girl child

Stop! stop!! we tell you rapist

Interfere, expose we pray to you Lord

This piece was written by Olufumilayo Omotosho

32 thoughts on “Agony of girl child: The mentor that become pepper mint (OPINION)

  1. Wooooow.. Dis masterpiece and a whole message to ponder on…i read dis with tears….Stop telling me to learn self defense, tell your brother to not be a monster I’ll have to defend myself from.
    If I have to learn self defense why can’t the monster in form of man not learn self control?
    Why do I have to be blamed for his stupidity and actions?😭😭
    #SayNoRape 😡

  2. This is such a wonderful piece
    It almost brought tears to my eyes
    Fantastic, captivating write-up.
    The writer will surely go places with this

  3. The wickedness of this world has increased that rape has become order of the day. I really want to see the evil men of this world swallow in their wickedness. God will arrest everyone taking advantage of our girls.

  4. What an amazing piece with a captivating symbolism and imagery! It got me from start to finish, and in the process, I recalled the most recent incidents of rape across Africa. This is amazing! And yes, raping a woman isn’t an achievement; it’s the introduction of a trauma that never ceases.

    Every woman deserves a rape-free existence, and voices like this are what we need in our generation.

    Write on, Funmi. This is true!

  5. What a piece!
    Describing just half of what that experience is like, the trauma and aftermath is fatal.
    #No to Rape!!!

    Rebirth is the way!
    Being Born again is the perfect rebirth!
    Seek Jesus, His power will save you from the demon of lust!

  6. How did we even get to this point in our lives that now seems as though the female gender can’t walk around freely!
    This practice is absolutely bad, shameful and heart-wrecking.
    We will continue to hope that Justice is served for all perpetrators and that God console the victims.
    Can parents also teach their wards Discipline, Self -control and that the Girl child is as important as them, she deserves every respect she can get!

    Well done Oluwafunmilayo, thank you for not sparing the pen in this regard.

  7. Abnormalities have become normalities in recent times , I pray God help us to restore our lost morals and heal our society. Nice write up ma’am , God bless you

  8. So emotional
    Buh I see no reason why men or boy or guy all same rape sex is optional if she say no GI for other girls
    Oluwafunmilayomi God will continue to strengthen u

  9. So emotional
    I see no reason why men or boy rape a girl or lady… Sex is a choice not by force….

  10. Wow… i can relate to this
    Its a great piece, the incident couldn’t get out of my head

  11. There is hope to build a society where the Girl child will feel safe and protected.
    A society where rape, honor killings and Female Genital Mutilation will be met with total condemnation.

    This is a beautiful piece Funmi! I am proud of you.

  12. A girl child deserves the best of care. A time will come when they will feel safe and protected. They are the future to an healthy society..

  13. Captivating this is
    Very true, this should go viral
    God bless the hand that wrote this
    Your ink won’t go dry
    The nation needs freedom from negativities
    God bless you

  14. Even though justice has been cast out, away like a leprosy in this land,there’s still need to continue advocating for justice till the table turns in favour.
    We belive the continous flowing of ink similar to yours will put an end to females genital mutilation.
    We should be our own messiah not maimers.
    Thanks for being a messaiah, thanks for the awareness, thanks for standing up, thanks for saying no on behalf of thousands (if not understatement) thanks for inking hope, thanks for not keeping silent, thanks for sharing hope FUNMI.

  15. HMMMM, lust and konji has made a lot of bright future dim. What an article, God bless the writer..

    Men and women beware of insecurity..

  16. You nailed it all dear, the imagery in the piece is power. God choice of words. God bless you for this.

  17. Definitely. This is awesome.
    We all stand against rape
    It is bad
    It is ungodly
    It is evil

    God bless you Olufunmilayo Omotosho for this piece.

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