Kashamu, Arabambi are party destroyers – LP vice chairman

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…Your claim is unintelligent, Kashamu, Arabambi fire back

Oluwatobi Odeyinka

The national Vice chairman, southwest of Labour Party, Olabode Simeon, has warned the duo of Buruji Kashamu, a member of the People’s Democratic Party, and Abayomi Arabambi, an embattled chairman of LP in Ogun, to stay away from the Labour party.

Simeon issued the warning while speaking with newsmen in Abeokuta.

He said the duo are party destroyers and pleaded with members of the public not to interact with any of them as members of the party.

His words, “I want to tell the people of Ogun state that Arabambi Abayomi Oluwafemi has been pronounced persona non grata in Ogun Labour party. Arabambi has been removed from his ward, LG and the state executive of the party. People dealing with Abayomi Oluwafemi are on their own because he is not known in labour party as a member or party chairman in Ogun state.

“We want to appeal to the good people of Ogun state and to tell Prince Buruji Kashamu to stay clear of Ogun state. Prince Buruji Kashamu and Abayomi Oluwafemi are bird of the same feather; they are the same thing. We don’t want Buruji Kashamu to come and destroy Labour party as he destroys PDP.”

Simeon pleaded with former governor, Gbenga Daniel to warn Kashamu against interfering in the affairs of Labour Party.

He also apologized to the PDP chairman in the state, Bayo Dayo for insults hauled on him by Arabambi

He added, “All Arabambi have been saying against the prominent people in Ogun state are not from Labour party. This is what we are trying to tell the people of Ogun state that whatever you hear from Arabambi is not from the party, but his personal statement. He has been removed as the chairman and so he has no right to talk on behalf of the party.

“We are using this medium to apologise to our comrade, Niyi Osoba and the amiable chairman of PDP who we still know and recognize as the authentic chairman now, Engr. Bayo Dayo. We are appealing to our elders in the state like the former governors, OGD, Amosun to talk to Prince Buruji Kashamu to leave Labour party alone, he should let Labour party be on its own.”

Meanwhile, Kashamu while reacting maintained that he has no business with Simeon or Labour Party.

The PDP chieftain in a statement by his media adviser, Austin Oniyokor, which was sent to PLATFORM TIMES advised Simeon not to drag Kashamu into LP’s intra party matter.

The statement reads partly, “distinguished Senator Buruji Kashamu does not have any business with Mr. Bode Simeon or even the Labour Party in Ogun State.

“If Mr. Simeon has any issues with his party and other stakeholders, he should go and address them. He should not drag Senator Kashamu into LP’s intra-party issues.

“If Comrade Arabambi is the reason for his unwarranted attack, then he is gravely mistaken because Comrade Arabambi is an adult, a man and rational being who can take decisions for himself.

“On his involvement in the Ogun State PDP issue, Comrade Arabambi has said severally that he was invited by the former Chairman of the PDP in Ogun State, Chief Adebayo Dayo, to mediate in the matter as the immediate past Chairman of Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC).

“It was when he saw Chief Dayo’s insincerity to the course he had invited him to mediate in that they fell apart.

“So, what is Senator Kashamu’s business with that, the Labour Party or even Mr. Simeon? If he (Mr. Simeon) has any issues with his party, he should go and face.

“If it is Senator Kashamu that he has an undisclosed issue with, he should come straight instead of catching in on a non-issue to cast aspersion on him. We refuse to descend into the arena with Mr. Simeon”

In his reaction, Arabambi described his alleged removal as state chairman as fake and untrue.

He described Bode Simeon as a disloyal and dishonest party man who has allegedly involve in political frauds.

He noted that the claim that Buruji Kashamu want to destroy Labour Party is an unintelligent claim.

He said, “to the comments he made in an online published video in regards to me in my capacity as the State Chairman of LP in Ogun State. To confirm his lack of knowledge on the constitutional provisions of the LP he ignorantly went ahead to claim that a State Chairman of LP was actually and truly removed by a couple of ward officers. This is coming from a man who claimed to be the South West Chairman of the same party.

“Just to point out a part of his video shame , he claimed that Buruji Kasham is troubling LP Ogun State and he was in his ignorance warning Buruji Kasham off Labour Party. The question is what proof does the he have to support this his very unintelligent claim ?.

“Ogun LP is not in anyway having any issue , how on earth does the ranting , paid and bought political mercenary , the ever – purchasable Bode Simeon come to be talking of warning someone off such a peaceful and highly cohesive party ? .

“The public and the press should find it easy to recollect all the acts of disloyalty and the very many dishonest involvements of Bode Simeon in his very short stay as the the Acting SW Chairman of LP that included his failed attempts to impose some PDP members on the party in some SW states that earned monumental disgrace.

“This silly and stupid video misadventure has unambiguously confirmed that he is once more playing the game he knows how best to play , his natural shameful tendency to serve any payer in any role.

“This is a clear indication that someone somewhere is paying for this risk he took by his criminal impersonation. By apologising Niyi Osoba , Ladi Adebutu and Elder Akinhanmi who are in a dispute with Senator Buruji Kashamu comes from where , when even his ex party LP is not in any way in any dispute with the trio.

“I am here , though very reluctantly advising Bode Simeon , to disabuse his mind of the possibility of attracting the attention of Buruji Kashamu with this infantile and unintelligently put together video ranting.”

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