Steer clear of our school, Institute of Health students warn NAOSS

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Sodiq Ojuroungbe

The students union government of the royal institute of health technology, Ifo has warned the National Association of Ogun state students to desist from spreading false information about the school.

The warning was issued as a reaction to an allegation by NAOSS that privately owned institution reopened academic activities on its campus, violating the directive of the federal government that all schools be closed.

NAOSS yesterday issued a statement asking the state government to arrest the proprietor of the school for allegedly opening the school, violating the government order on closure of school.

The statement, issued by the National President of the association, Gbemileke Ogunronmbi, alleged that students of the school were asked to commence industrial training despite the lock down occasioned by Covid-19.

Ogunrombi said, “It has been brought to our notice that upon the order of the Federal and the Ogun State governments and that all religion gatherings and schools in Nigeria should be on lockdown some charlatans who because of personal greed and selfish interest went ahead going about their personal businesses.

“Such is the case of the owner of the Royal Institute of Technology, Ifo who went ahead posting students for Siwes across Ogun State.

“It is obvious that such person is no doubt an enemy of the State and a violator of the Federal government’s directives its unbelievable that some people can be so inhuman to expose Nigerian students to havoc during this corona pandemic period.

Meanwhile, the SUG of the school responded to the allegation, describing it as “lie and misinformation.”

“(We) hereby write the public and concern offices to debunk the claim of the of Association named National association of ogun state students (NAOSS) for misinforming the public that our college has been opened for operation.

“This is a totally concorted lie by some attention seekers.

“The entire students of the institution hereby write to address the damage that has been done to the reputable image of the college. It is very important to note that the Royal institute of health technology Ifo is a private owned institution with no alliance with the said association called NAOSS.”

“For record purpose the school mobilizes students whose course of study is related to the ongoing situation in the country as a way of assisting the students to acquire more experience in their field of study which is contrary to the news in circulation about the total opening of our institution.

“It is also important to note that before the school embark on such decision, a meeting was summon by the management in which students were also represented and involved in the decision making process with a backup from the government as approval.

The students union hereby use this medium to notify NAOSS to desist from constituting any act that can breach the peace we enjoy in our campus, as any act of protest will not be welcome by our students as long as we stand by the collective decision of the college.”

The Students Union posted some students to contribute to the fight against Covid-19 and also to gain practical experience on the pandemic.

“As an institute of health technology, we are most aware about the danger of COVID-19 and our students shall also contribute there own quota in the fight against this pandemic.

“If a medical student is denied the Covid-19 treatment experience why then is such students in such a trade ?.

“Meanwhile, the said students, their parents, school management and the government is not complaining about the bold step, what then is NAOSS’ concern?”

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