Save A Soul: MAPOLY Graduate needs One Million for Surgery

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A graduate of National Diploma in Estate Management at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Miss Wakeelah Adegbola has been suffering from osteoarthritis in her right hip.

Wakeelah, who is a member of the Muslim Student society of Nigeria (MSSN), Graduated in 2019 from the polytechnic has been battling with the osteoarthritis since 2015.

The Osteoarthritis has affected her ability to walk freely which denied her to return for her Higher National Diploma (HND).

According to the Medical Report Signed by Dr. Ahmed B.A of Kwara State General Hospital said that she will be diagnosed of Osteoarthritis and One million Naira will be used for the hip replacement.

Part of the report read, ” After Clinical and radiological evaluation, a diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the right hip was made. She will benefit from total hip replacement which estimated to cost One Million Naira only” .

Therefore she seeks the help of kind hearted and well meaning Nigerians, individuals, students bodies and groups to come to her aid to enable her undergo the surgical operation.

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