OPINION: Despite all the money, Ajimobi did not take more than six feet!

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Life truly is a vanity and the recent death of Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi, a former governor of Oyo state confirmed how vanity this life is and how useless everything could be after you are gone.

About a month ago, nobody could have ever thought that the ‘Koseleri of Oyo state’ and the only ‘constituted authority’ in the state will embark on a journey of no return. I am sure even, if they told Ajimobi that he will be no more in a few months, the ‘Alaso jamu of Ilu Ibadan’ will order for the head of such a person, but where is he today? He is gone to a point nobody wishes to go, but, which we will all go one day!

The death of this powerful man made me learnt one more lesson about life that no matter who you are, you will not take more than six feet!!!

When I saw the picture of Ajimobi’s remains being circulated on social media yesterday afternoon, I took a deep breath and asked my friends that, is this the end of the constituted authority?

Imagine, Ajimobi has over ten houses, numerous vehicles, different properties,huge money in his bank accounts, yet he was buried on just a piece of land! His remains did not even take up to six feet, they just follow that ‘six feet ‘ being the standard. No special burial was given to him, Ajimobi was buried like every other normal citizen.

He was not even buried with one of his numerous vehicles or inside his private bedroom, he was buried with just a piece of white cloth like any other Muslims!

Despite having numerous houses, vehicles, properties, money, not even a single room! was given to this man that laboured for everything!.

Despite having that big mansion with everything a man could ever crave for, a small place was dug and Ajimobi’s remains were dumped there.

Despite everything he had sweat to have in life, he was only given a space as the permanent place he will be till the day of judgment.

The owner of a house has been left at one corner outside the house. People that did not know what Ajimobi went through to build that house will be the one sleeping inside the house. Everybody has abandoned Ajimobi to his faith, Ajimobi has been dumped to his permanent house and everything he had accumulated for in life is useless to him now!!!

This should be a big lesson for those who are after worldly things, this should be a great lesson to people that want to have the best houses, vehicles, among others. Not even that your 1million gold chain will follow you to the grave. You will be buried like every other human being.

Why are you feeling so big about all you have achieved in life when you will not be the one to take your last bath!

Ajimobi’s death should be a lesson to those who believe they can oppress the poor, do you know who will be with you when you take your last breath? Do you know whether the son of those you oppressed will be the one to take you to your last home.

Why are you seeing yourself as someone better than others because you are in a powerful position, do you even know where this angel called death will meet you?

What is the essence of the ten houses, 50 cars you are acquiring in life when you will not even have the opportunity to take the least of all the properties to the journey of no return.

Why do you turn yourself to semi-god when you don’t even know who will be the last man standing with you at the point of death.

Everybody both old, young, rich, and poor should know that death is inevitable, every soul will taste it and nobody is immuned to it. Why are you taking life so serious, why are you running after every worldly things when you will still leave them on this earth.

We all came to this world and we will all leave, so, be calm and be humble because death will take you one day.

And to those politicising the death of Ajimobi, I hope you will remain in this life. Just know that it is Ajimobi’s death that we see today, we never can tell who is next!

This piece was written by Sodiq Ojuroungbe
09085606835, ojuroungbesodiq@gmail.com

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