NAFDAC officials disrupt COVID-19 herb fund raising in Ogun

Abdulqudus Ogundapo

Officials of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) on Thursday disrupted a press conference organised to raise fund for the production of herbs for the treatment of COVID-19.

The press briefing was a planned strategy to call on the states and federal government to support traditional medicine in getting approval from NAFDAC as a treatment of COVID-19.

PLATFORMTIMES gathered that the NAFDAC officials were accosted by policemen and DSS in surrounding the premises of the Centenary Hall, Ake in Abeokuta South Local Government area of Ogun State where the exhibition planned to take place. 

In his reaction, organizer of the press briefing, Paul Oni expressed worries over the increase of COVID-19 cases in the country.

Oni lamented outrageous approval levies in the NAFDAC, noting that the cost approval was about N 600,000 and payment of N 1.5 million for clinical trials.

He claimed that the exhibition was planned in other to get assistance from the State and Federal Government, noting that he was unable to meet up with the approval bills of NAFDAC.

According to him ” I called the DG of Medical Research and they said they will help me in the preliminary investigations of the products but I will need to pay 1.5 million naira for the clinical trial, then I said no problem that I will try to see what I can do.

“The whole process of the NAFDAC other things like that I will do, I had done some laboratory tests before now and I know it is not enduroius, even in their presence , I gave it to my two months old child, I drank it and my wife also drank it and we have been using it. So, I showed them and the normal cost that you will incure in going through the NAFDAC process is about 600,000 which does not include the clinical trials of 1.5 million naira. So, when I saw the cost, I concluded that I should appeal for help through a press conference that I am sure this thing can help people that has COVID-19, Maybe through that people will come to help me, NAFDAC will come to help me and give me  Weaver, Nigeria Institute for medical research will hear what I have said about them and they will come and assist me and said they will sponsor the product. This was the purpose of the press conference, I have not produce the Oxibiotics for sales, I just have a couple of bottles that I want to use to sell to NAFDAC and to Nigeria Institute for Medical Research as sample and which they took that big bottle and one small bottle at the centenary hall now. 

“They followed me home and sealed my factory where I was producing the powder because i have not even started the production line for this Oxibiotics , I just cooked it on my own, in my kitchen. It is after they gave them the clearance of producing that I would be able to produce. I told them that the press conference was to be able to sensitize them to come and partner with me but now that they don’t want to partner with me, u will close it down and I closed it down. 

“The man that came started calling DSS that the DG DSS should send officers and I told them that they already have one of their officers with riffle here. I requested that they should come to my house if they wish and that one of the NAFDAC officials known as Mrs Allen has been to my House before and that was why i have two NAFDAC numbers. I told them I didn’t breach the security rules only because I said I have something that can cure COVID-19 patients. I refused to allow the police to enter my car and told them to shoot me if I had done something against the security. I was military officer, I know the law, I am trying to o sensitize you people to help me, I am not selling the product, come and search my house, come and search my car , come and search my factory you will not see anything bulk. 

“They came to the factory and they only saw herbal ingredients that I used for Abiotic herbal medicine powder which has NAFDAC number A-72348m . I have been using it for two years, that was it and he was calling DSS that they should come to their office to wait for me and that I should report by 2’0clock and then I decided to get something to go and meet them, that’s where I am going now.

“I am not discouraged at all, can you believe that when they said I should come to their office, I called Lawyer Michael Itiolu who is my own lawyer and my bossom friend and I had that he had died just now suspected to be of COVID-19. He had died. I also buried a friend two weeks ago, who died of the same problem. We heard of Ajimobi we are hearing of people dying everyday, so if i have anything that can assist them, won’t I try. I know this thing can cure fibrosis, it can cure malignancy and it is an anti viral medicine, just cook the honey, its nothing just add and cook together inside honey. Why can’t they help me?

“I have gone to the minister of health in Abuja twice with a letter telling them to assist me , I went as early as 5th of February to the office of Mr for Health, they stamped the letter and since that 5th of February, I have not heard anything from them, I am just doing all these efforts to make them come up and say let see what you have and let us assist you. I am not saying you people should use it, I am only tell you to come and collect it, put it through the process but all the millions you asking me to pay, I don’t have it, that is my problem, that is why I want to do the press conference.

“They said they will not allow it and I have stopped it, what hr said was completely wrong because the press conference I intended is to call the attention to assist me. I posted the invitation to call for press conference on my platform where some of their members are, that is how they saw it. I posted it there for them to see and come. Some DSS officials are members of my WhatsApp groups so that they will see it.

“I went to Alake and explained to him, he said I should go ahead and make use of the centenary hall without paying for it. I only paid 10,000 for cleaning of the place because everybody knowns that I do herbal medicine and I want them to come and taken this off me. Go and test it, if it truly works then I can you what I put inside, how I produced it”.

Meanwhile, a source within the NAFDAC office at Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta told PLATFORMTIMES that the organizer breached the NAFDAC regulations.

The source explained that the NAFDAC authority has invited the organizer for interrogation.

The source maintained that the agency was in total control of the incident, urging members of the public to protect themselves from COVID-19.

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