Clarify your statement on Kashamu’s death, Arabambi tells Adebutu

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Abdulqudus Ogundapo

The Chairman of Labour Party in Ogun State, Abayomi Arabambi has asked a chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, Ladi Adebutu to clarify his statements where he was raining curses on the late Buruji Kashamu and his supporters.

Adebutu’s video clip where he was raining curses on the late senator had been trending on the internet since the late senator was announced dead.

The LP Chairman made this demand in a press statement issued and made available to newsmen on Sunday.

Arabambi claimed that Adebutu’s statement on the late senator’s death was indecent and dishonorable.

He said, Adebutu’s video clip raining curses on the late senator was quite amazing and confounding.

The statement partly reads “It is quite amazing and confounding to find Ladi Adebutu in a video clip raining curses on Senator Buruji Kasamu for causing their family the unexpected during the build up to 2019 Governoship election even saying in affirmative that the Senator will die after voting for PDP

“This video clip where Ladi says this emphatically is currently being pushed onto the internet as a further infantile celebration of the death of the Late Senator . Even a toddler would be sober and wouldn’t be proud of being callously unpatriotic like Ladi Adebutu

“Like every human creature , we are all inevitable due to die, only no one knows the time and where the death will come, so, for any childish – adult to gloat over the death of someone is clearly a proof of stunted mental growth.

“The question then arises if the death of the Senator was as a result of both the public and hidden curses from the Ladi Adebutu that killed the patriotic Buruji.

“The public should be told , if it is what the family wants us to believe that they are responsible for the death of Senator Buruji Kasamu.

” The Senator died just only a few hours and the Adebutu family and their in- law , OBJ , have come out to vehemently and bitterly made public statements to soil the patriotic name the deceased left behind.This is worth quality time consideration by the public”.

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