Any attempt to dismember Yoruba race from Nigeria will lead to anarchy, group cries out

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Sodiq Ojuroungbe

A Non-Governmental group, Yoruba Appraisal Forum has kicked against the call by some stakeholders in yorubaland that the Southwest should be carved out of Nigeria.

The group which staged a rally in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital stressed that any attempt to dismember Yoruba race from Nigeria will lead to anarchy.

The members of the group in their large numbers who stormed the street of Abeokuta were armed with placards with various inscriptions which include; ‘we will continue to reveal all their ungodly plans towards separating our national; United we stand divided we fall; We are against Anarchy; Nigerian youths say no to war; Patriot is not by planning secession over a united country; Ethnicity division will bring us anarchy; Civil war will make our Children homeless, among others.

The peaceful rally which started from NNPC end at the governor’s office in Oke-Mosan where a letter was delivered on the position of the group to Governor Dapo Abiodun.

The spokesperson of the Yoruba group, Oloketuyi Ojo while speaking with newsmen maintained that some stakeholders were not carried along by the World Yoruba Congress while making the decision.

Ojo insisted that the Southwest did not need any secession for now, noting that it will only lead to another civil war in the country.

He further stressed that the Yoruba Appraisal group is more concerned about the peaceful coexistence among Yoruba and other ethnic groups in the country.

According to him, for now, we don’t need secession, South West is one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria, we don’t want trouble, we don’t want war, and small elements can not create for the entire South West. That’s why we are saying ‘No’, nobody is being carried along, the traditonal leaders, the Obas were not there, they were not aware, we say we should put a stop this, second Somalia can not be created within the South West.

He added, “as we as a Yoruba forum organisation, we are saying ‘No’, everybody must be carried along if anything like that has to be done and recently the World Yoruba Congress said the Yorubaland will be carved out of the entire Nigeria and we are saying ‘No’.

“South West is meant for peace, we don’t want trouble and we don’t want the Second Somalia and that is why we are today to expressly transform a letter to our Governor and some South West leaders to actually say ‘No’, this thing, we don’t want it.

“We want all the security agencies; the Military, the Police, the DSS, to actually come in and checkmate the activities of this World Yoruba Congress, to actually find out, ‘why are they out? Who are those supporting it? They are small elements, we were not carried along, nobody knows there activities.

“And these securities they are creating, it is for their their selfish interest and we say we don’t want it. Some of there Children are in London, they are in America, we don’t want this, we want peace, we are educated people, we are intelligent people, we don’t want anybody to create chaos amongst us.”

Speaking on the position of the group on restructuring, Ojo maintained that restructuring the country is different from secession which he claimed may lead to chaos.

He further said, “restructuring is a different thing, but his people are saying the entire Yoruba should be separated from Nigeria, this is not restructuring, they want us to stand alone and we can’t stand alone, they way it is going, they are gojng to create an internal war and we don’t want war.

“We are standing for Nigeria, we are standing for unity, we are standing for one Nigeria, Yoruba can not be carved out from the Nigeria.

“Restructuring is fantastic but they need to go back again to look at what each region is producing, if they can you that to develop each region, fine, but to say we should leave Nigeria, anything that’s going to create internal war.”

While addressing the gathering at the entrance of the governor’s office, the Chief of Staff to the Ogun state governor, Shuaib Salis commended the group for making their agitation a peaceful one.

Salis however promised to convey their message to the governor.

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