Engage in land grabbing and lose your appointment, Alake threatens Egba Chiefs

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The Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, has threatened to terminate the appointment of Egba Baales and Chiefs engaging in land grabbing, selling of lands that belong to other people, and other unjust acts,

The paramount ruler stressed that any traditional ruler found guilty will loose his Baaleship.

Oba Gbadebo made the warning when addressing a land case between the Oba and the Imo towns, at the Ake Palace on Friday, 4 September, 2020.

The Egba Monarch also stated that there are rules and regulations guiding ownership and possession of land and they must be followed duly.

The Alake expressed worry about the rampant cases of some Baales selling other people’s land.

The Alake also noted that all Baales appointed in areas with no houses and selling lands, would soon have their appointments revoked.

Oba Gbadebo urged the contending parties to heed the existing traditional guidelines in the Egba Nation.

Speaking in the same vein, the Asiwaju Baamofin of Egbaland, Chief Sunday Oduntan, charged all Baales and Chiefs in Egbaland to desist from taking land cases to the Police as this has proven to promote fraudulent activities within the nation.

The Egba High Chief made the charge after hearing the arguments of both sides on the issue of land ownership and selling of lands, which the Alake demanded comments and remarks from Egba High Chiefs present at the occasion.

The Baamofin also urged that the appointment of Baales should be closely checked because most Baales of today take advantage of their Baaleship to sell lands and cause conflicts among the people.

He also said that Baaleship is for development and unity of the locale and not an opportunity for stealing of lands, urging that all Baales and Chiefs should endeavour to be truthful in all their dealings.

Speaking also, the Aare Baaroyin of Egbaland, Chief Layi Labode, commended the Olu of Siun, Oba Lawrence Odeyinka, for unambiguously presenting the case for Igbore’s ownership of the lands in contention to the Alake and others present adding that all his information had made clear the entire issue as to the traditional owners of the lands.

The Ogboye of Egbaland, Chief S. O. Akinremi, urged the two sides, the Igbore and Imo, to close ranks and not to allow greed to divide them.

The Aare of Egbaland, Chief Ganiu Babayeju, also commended the Siun Monarch, stating that he was one of the most exemplary Monarchs that could boldly say that they had never been involved in unjustified selling of lands to anyone as Township Monarchs.

The case which had been presented earlier, involved unauthorised selling and acquisition of other people’s lands and unauthorised appointment of Baales and Chiefs.

Oba Gbadebo further charged the two parties that the love and unity that the Egba were known for, should be promoted in every township, adding that even foreigners adored the way the Egbas accept and care for themselves and non indigenes, and the virtue should be upheld.

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