It’s wrong for courts to decide elections, electronic voting, the solution ,says Jonathan

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Former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, says it is wrong for courts to decide the elections in Nigeria saying, the outcome of elections must be decided by ballots and not by courts.

Jonathan stated this while speaking on The Osasu Show Symposium 2020.

While profering the solution for credible elections in Nigeria, Jonathan said , electronic voting is the only way to get to credible elections in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

“For elections to be democratic, that means that the outcome of the elections must depend on the ballot, not any other institution, not even the court.

“If the ballots don’t decide who wins, then we are not practicing democracy.

“And if we are now in a situation where people use force of arms and thugs to win elections, then we can’t say we are practicing democracy,” he said.

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