13 Apprehended For Ambushing Christmas Gift Bus In Ibadan”

 In a swift response to the brazen attack on a bus transporting Christmas gifts intended for family heads (Mogajis) in Ibadan, law enforcement authorities have apprehended twelve suspects involved in the heist.

The incident unfolded on Thursday in the Oja Oba area of the city, leaving the community shocked and concerned.

The targeted bus, under the guidance of Mogaji Nurudeen Akinade from the Onilari compound, was ambushed by hoodlums during its journey from the Beere area to the Olubadan Palace at Oja Oba.

The assailants seized the opportunity to strike, jeopardizing the festive spirit and the goodwill intended with the Christmas gifts.

The timely intervention of the police, notified promptly at the Mapo Police Station, resulted in the arrest of the suspects between Thursday and Friday.

The apprehended individuals are currently facing legal consequences, having been brought before the court in connection with the attack.

Mogaji Nurudeen Akinade, who led the convoy and was a witness to the shocking incident, expressed relief that justice is being served.

He confirmed to our correspondent that the stolen items are being recovered, though the exact extent of the recovery is yet to be disclosed.

Akinade emphasized the significance of the Christmas gifts, stating, “The bus carrying Christmas gifts for the people working to ensure peace and tranquility in Ibadan, the Mogajis from various compounds, was attacked yesterday.”

The attack not only disrupted the planned distribution of goodwill but also posed a threat to the communal harmony diligently maintained by the Mogajis.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the Ibadan community awaits a thorough investigation into the motives behind the attack and hopes for a resolution that ensures the safety of future festive celebrations.

The incident serves as a reminder of the challenges communities face in safeguarding cherished traditions and the collaborative efforts required to maintain peace and tranquility during the holiday season.


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