13-Year-Old Nigerian-Canadian Advocate Calls For Equality, Condemns Racism

 In a powerful address at the Rotunda of the Manitoba Legislative Building, 13-year-old Olufisayo Bakenne, a Nigerian-Canadian youth leader, passionately advocated for the eradication of racism and discrimination against the Black community.

 Bakenne, alongside other speakers, urged world leaders to uphold Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, emphasizing the equal rights and freedoms of all individuals without any form of distinction.

The event, organized by the NDP government, marked the celebration of Black History Month and witnessed participation from prominent Black leaders in the Province, including Minister of Economic Development Jamie Moses, Health Minister Uzoma Asagwara, and Winnipeg Councillor Markus Chambers.

 The occasion featured lectures and dance performances, showcasing the rich contributions of the Black community.

Expressing his observations of racism in his surroundings, Bakenne highlighted the need for a future where young Black individuals could live free from discrimination.

 He called for unity and equality, envisioning a community where everyone contributes positively. 

As a youth leader in Manitoba, Bakenne emphasized the importance of working collectively to bring about this change.

Reflecting on the significance of Black History Month, Bakenne stressed that it goes beyond mere recognition and celebration.

 He encouraged continuous education about Black history, asserting that understanding both failures and victories is crucial. 

Bakenne remarked, “It’s very important to educate others about the failures and celebrate past victories as well.”

The Black History Month in Manitoba, originating in 2007, has evolved into a comprehensive calendar of over 40 events throughout the year, facilitated by Black History Manitoba. 

Established in 1981, the organization remains dedicated to illuminating the contributions, challenges, and achievements of African Americans in Manitoba and beyond.

Bakenne’s optimism, echoed by other youthful speakers, serves as a beacon for a more inclusive and reflective society, underlining the importance of continuous celebration and education about Black history.

 Manitoba’s commitment to embracing its diversity remains pivotal in fostering equality and understanding.

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