20-Year-Old Butcher Slays Father For Dark Rituals In Ogun

In a horrifying and heinous crime that sent shockwaves through Ogun State, a 20-year-old monster named Ridwan has mercilessly murdered his own flesh and blood in a twisted quest for riches.


The grim tale unfolded in the dead of night, as vigilant officers of the Ogun State So-Safe Corps patrolled the eerie village of Oshoku in Ijebu North Local Government Area. What they stumbled upon would haunt them forever.


A chilling scream pierced the silence, leading these brave officers to an unassuming building. Inside, they discovered a gruesome scene – the lifeless body of a man, cruelly slaughtered, bathed in his own blood. 


The perpetrator, young Ridwan, had vanished into the darkness.


With determination burning in their hearts, Commander Soji Ganzallo issued a relentless directive to the Ijebu Zonal Command: Capture the deranged killer within 24 hours.


The hunt for the devilish matricide unfolded in the shadows, ending in a bush where the monster hid.


 He confessed to his diabolical act – using a rope to strangle his own father and a knife to dismember his body, all in the name of a sinister ritual, orchestrated by a malevolent figure known as “Baba Kekere.”


But when pressed about the whereabouts of this ritualist, Ridwan remained tight-lipped, sealing his pact with the devil.


This heart-wrenching tale reaches its next chapter, as the accused fiend is now in the custody of the Nigeria Police Force, Ogbere Divisional Headquarters.


Justice will be served, but the horror of this act will forever haunt the annals of Ogun’s histor

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