20 Years After, Fans, Friends Celebrate Gbenga Adeboye

Fawaz Adebisi

Families, fans and friends have celebrated Gbenga Adeboye, of one of Nigeria’s most beloved comedians and musicians, who died twenty years ago, April 30, 2003.

On Sunday, friends and family gathered to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his death, as they organized a prayer for him.

The event, which took place at the  Secretariat of the Ogun State chapter of the  Freelance and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria, Isabo, Abeokuta, Ogun State had in attendance, some great broadcasters in the state like; a former radio presenter at OGBC, Busayo Olaifa, Goke Babalola, Gbenga Adeboye sister, Princess Seun Adeboye, Akinyemi Olatoye, also known as Alawiye Federation, Muslim clerics and pastors, among others.

Gbenga Adeboye was known for his unique brand of comedy, which combined music, dance, and storytelling.

He was popularly known as ‘Funwontan’, until his death was popular in the Yoruba entertainment industry, as he was also known for his generosity.

His talent and humor endeared him to millions of fans across Nigeria and beyond.

Speaking at the event, Princess Adeboye said that she missed her brother, adding that he is a great inspirer to the generations that came after him and ones that are coming.

According to her, her brother is like a book for everyone to study, as she added that the world would have been more better if he is alive till today.

She said, “my brother’s message is still inspiring people, and it will continue to, this is 20 years after his demise, and alot of people were not born when he died, here today, he is still being remembered.

“The messages in his music are documentary messages that can never be expired, when we talk about politics, what is happening has already been said, culture, tradition and others.

“Especial the hilarious part of it, when someone’s listen to his messages, definitely you will laugh, and many of comedians today can’t meet up with him because they even extract from his records and his messages, he is just like a book for everyone to study. Only if he is still alive, he would have impacted the youths more positively.”

Also speaking, Alawiye, who is the last trainee under Adeboye said his death is an irreparable loss to him, and other people who were lose to him .

According to him, his boss was a genuine person who was generous to the extent that he could be hungry ,but, prefer to feed the poor .

He added that if the singer was alive , he would have made more impacts on the less privileged, adding that the world would have been better than this.

He said, “when I remember, I think back to 20 years ago, he was a genuine person, he was a man of impact, he prefered  to feed people for him to be fed.

“If he were to be alive, he would have used that opportunity to make impact in the lives of people, he is a giver, and he likes helping a lot.

“During his life time, he was the “Wasiu Ayinde” of today’s world, he moved with the likes of Bola Tinubu and others, so he would have used the avenue to make the country better.”

He therefore urges everyone to emulate Adeboye so as to be also remembered in the future.

“What we have done today should help people and inspire people, and make them think that everything you do, people will remember you.

“This will make people realize that it is better to do good everytime without minding the results you get whether good or bad, than to do bad.”

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