2023 Flood : Five Die, 75 Injured, 1679 Houses Destroyed In 10 States 

By Aminat Gusanu


The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has released alarming figures, reporting that a staggering 33,983 individuals have already been profoundly affected by the deluge of floods across various regions of the country this year.


PLATFORM TIMES gathered that so far, five persons lost their lives, 75 sustained injuries while 1679 were completely damaged by the flood occured this year.


PLATFORM TIMES further gathered that the flooding this year affected 10 States while 7353 persons were displaced and 866  hectares of farmland  were destroyed in this year’s ravaging  flooding .


During the Emergency Coordination Forum Meeting held on Thursday, Hajiya Fatima Kasim, NEMA’s Director of Planning, Research, and Forecasting, addressed the gathering. 


She highlighted the persistent issue of annual flooding, attributing its recurrence to multifaceted factors such as inadequately designed infrastructure, flawed construction practices, insufficient drainage systems, and improper waste management.


Kasim also underscored the detrimental effects of activities like deforestation and climate change. 


She referred to the 2023 Seasonal Climate Prediction released by NiMet, which projected normal to above-normal rainfall patterns throughout the country. 


He added that, the Annual Flood Outlook forecasted by NISHA indicated that 178 local government areas spanning 32 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) faced a high risk of flooding.


The agency has been diligently collecting data over the past seven months, resulting in comprehensive statistics for the extent of the flood disaster.


 Kasim  said the detail of the figures as of August 9 were : number of affected states: 10 states,number of affected individuals: 33,983,number of displaced individuals: 7,353,number of individuals injured: 75

number of fatalities: 5, number of completely damaged houses: 1,679

Total farmland damaged: 866 hectares

Mustapha Ahmed, NEMA’s Director General, emphasized the importance of revitalizing the Emergency Coordination Forum as a platform for addressing disaster management. 


The forum enables stakeholders to come together to discuss the pressing humanitarian challenges caused by disasters and emergencies, fostering cooperation and collaboration among relevant parties in the field of emergency management.


Further insight was provided by Director-General NIHSA, Mr. Clement Nze, who revealed that over 20 states and the FCT had already witnessed some level of flooding. 


He lamented the impact of silted rivers, blocked drainage systems, and localized heavy rainfalls causing flash and urban flooding.


Adding to the discussion, Statistician-General of the Federation and CEO of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Mr. Adeyemi Adeniran, highlighted the findings of the NBS 2022 flood assessment exercise, carried out in partnership with NEMA and UNDP. 


The assessment focused on the states of Anambra, Bayelsa, Delta, Jigawa, Kogi, and Nasarawa. 


The highest percentage of affected households, 90.7%, was recorded in Jigawa.


 The assessment concentrated on four main indicators: business impact, food availability, health consequences, and access to essential services. 


The results indicated a significant impact on agriculture and property due to the flooding.


As the nation grapples with the ongoing flood crisis, stakeholders and agencies continue to collaborate in their efforts to mitigate the devastating effects on affected communities across the country.


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