22.4 Million Nigerians Enroll for National Identity Numbers In 2022 – NBS Report Reveals

A recently released report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) sheds light on the National Identity Registration Statistics for the year 2022, revealing that a substantial number of Nigerians pursued the acquisition of National Identity Numbers (NIN) during this period.



The report, titled “National Identity Registration Statistics 2022,” was unveiled on the NBS website on Monday.


According to the findings, a total of 22,492,748 Nigerians successfully completed the registration process and were issued NIN in 2022.


This figure represents a 16.85 percent decrease compared to the preceding year, which saw 27,052,148 registrations.


The report breaks down the registrations further, with 255,726 coming from Nigerians residing in foreign countries.


Meanwhile, the domestic registrations were divided across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, totaling 22,237,022 registrations and NIN issuances.


Gender-wise distribution of the registrations showed that out of the total, 12,643,563 were male individuals, while 9,849,185 were female.


The NBS report highlights the top five states that led in the number of registrations and NIN issuances.


Kano State took the lead with a remarkable 2,444,224 registrations, closely followed by Lagos State with 2,097,912. Kaduna, Katsina, and Ogun also showed notable figures with 1,256,479; 1,156,149; and 1,075,942 registrations respectively.


On the other end of the spectrum, Bayelsa, Ekiti, Ebonyi, Cross-River, and Kogi states recorded lower registration numbers.


Regionally, the North-West zone emerged as the leader in terms of registrations and NIN issuances, amassing 7,207,695. The South-West followed with 4,825,143 registrations, and the South-East lagged behind with 1,793,373 registrations in 2022.


The report draws attention to specific states within each zone.


In the North-Central, Niger State stood out with 368,131 male and 229,047 female registrations and NIN issuances. In contrast, Kogi State had the least participation, with 163,721 male and 144,960 female registrations.


Similar trends continued in other zones. In the North-East, Bauchi State led with 476,042 male and 288,184 female registrations and NIN issuances, while Taraba State showed the lowest numbers.


The data unveils intriguing specifics even within states. Kano State showcased its dominance in the North-West with 1,322,194 male and 1,122,030 female registrations.


Conversely, Zamfara State trailed behind with 358,029 male and 125,228 female participants.


In the South-East, Abia State took the lead with 359,119 male and 154,375 female registrations and NIN issuances. Meanwhile, Ebonyi State presented the lowest figures in the zone.


Rivers State emerged as the champion in the South-South region with 338,291 male and 310,198 female registrations and NIN issuances, whereas Bayelsa State witnessed the least participation.


Lagos State proudly secured the top spot in the South-West, recording 1,104,042 male and 993,870 female registrations and NIN issuances. Ekiti State concluded the list in this zone.


The comprehensive report underscores the significant effort made by Nigerians to obtain National Identity Numbers during 2022, as well as the varying levels of participation across states and regions.

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